Monday, February 04, 2013

Corrupt Ex-Governor Postscript, Ctd

This month, Illinois lost its distinction as the only state in America to have two consecutive governors of different parties serving simultaneous, involuntary time at the Illinois Governors' Maximum Security Retirement Facility House of Many Doors.

Little Roddy (who, you may remember, began racking up his Disgraced Former Governor trifecta with his impeachment and removal from office four years ago last weekremains safely 

locked away from polite company, but George "George" Ryan has been released back into his natural environment:
MICHAEL TARM Associated Press Published: January 31, 2013 2:47PM

CHICAGO (AP) -- Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan was back at his longtime home on Wednesday following his pre-dawn release from a federal prison after serving more than five years for corruption.

He first reported to a halfway house in Chicago but in a development that took observers by surprise was allowed to go to his spacious home in Kankakee, where he'll be under home confinement for at least several weeks, his attorney Jim Thompson said.

Speaking from Ryan's living room, Thompson said Ryan was beaming and surrounded by his smiling grandchildren

"If you could see his and his grandkids' smiling faces," Thompson, himself a former governor, said by phone from Ryan's home. "He is surrounded by happy faces."

Thompson said officials decided Ryan didn't require the services halfway houses provide, which include ensuring ex-cons can use a checkbook.

Ryan will still be subject to strict rules, including prohibitions against speaking to the media or leaving the house. Thompson added that Ryan was granted retirement status by authorities, so he won't be required to find a job.
Yes, disgraced former governor George Ryan's lawyer has arranged it so that he will not need to find a job.

And, yes, former governor George Ryan's lawyer is former governor and once-upon-a-time "presidential timber" Jim Thompson, after whom was named the giant glass "Thompson Center" of brief "Running Scared" fame:

Just in case you ever doubted for a minute that there is a Club.

And that you are not in it.

Meanwhile, extortionist Bill Cellini who worked for disgraced former governor Blagojevich recently reported to the same federal prison from which George Ryan was just released.

And thus the circle of life is complete.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

there is still a chance for Wisconsin to have its first governor spending some time in the House of Many Doors (I love that euphemism).

Walker just transferred an additional $40,000 to his legal defense fund, and he remains the only sitting Gov with such.

We're really proud.