Friday, January 25, 2013

Professional Left Podcast #164

"I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided."
-- Abraham Lincoln, being all mean and partisan.


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jim said...

Everyone knew the writing was on the wall back in 2003 when The Davos-Blessed acquired a keyboardist & put out their infamous Oh Fiscal Heroin, Up Mine! double live album.

DeistPaladin said...

On this podcast, Driftglass and Bluegal seemed to joke (around 9:30) about how the liberal base is impossible to please. I'm not sure what liberals they were talking about but from my perspective and from the liberals I know, I disagree.

We're very easy to please. We understand politics is messy. We understand that compromise is sometimes necessary. And no, we're not, as some have said, "disappointed because Obama didn't get us the pet unicorn he never promised."

We get upset when they don't fight.

We get demoralized when they don't even try.

We lose our motivation when we see the people we fought so hard to put into power promptly give away the store apparently in the hopes of creating a bipartisan paradise that will never happen.

just put up a fight. That's all I want. If you lose, that's OK. We'll get em next time. If you compromise (and I mean real compromise, not the-right-gets-everything-and-the-left-makes-non-binding-resolutions-against-it), that's OK, we'll build on that next time.

If you capitulate before you even get to the negotiation table because, gee whiz, you just want the other side or the Beltway Villagers to like you, how can we trust anything will be different next time?

Maybe Obama has finally learned his lesson. I hope so. He's talking a good game. Reid talked a good game too. I'll wait to see the action.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I see the blog has a new look. What does the masthead picture mean? Just a junkyard?

It's almost spooky how every ep offers a new insight to me. This came when you guys mentioned how in 'Lincoln' (haven't seen, now going to) the last thing they would give up was their slaves, then later when bg said how shocked they were that Hilary wouldn't roll over and let them beat her.

It hit me this is all the same primitive instinct--these is pure monkey beating on the weaker.

(I have a double digit IQ co worker who is always a bad ass tough guy, despite being over 65 and in such bad shape he can't make it up a flight of stairs without breathing hard. So he takes it out on teenage retail employees. He's always got a fresh story about how he put one in his place).

Thanks again. I have an idea for a shop: The title screens for each of the sunday news shows, but for each show you change the name to 'The Overton Window'.