Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lie All You Want

Pray in the ruins to your Shoutycracker God all you want.

Wallow in the rubble of your failure all you want.

Your movement is still a fraud.

Your history is still a lie.

Your ideas are still bunk.

Your followers are still imbeciles and bigots.

Your secret playbooks and magic conjure words are all public knowledge.

And Reagan is never, ever coming back.


marindenver said...

"And Reagan is never, ever coming back"

So sad, too bad. All the Teathuglicans have left are bloviating assholes and grifters. And the country is really, really starting to hate them.

Suzan said...

And if he did, he'd hate you too.

(Mildest epithet I could think of.)

Earl said...

One of my favorite closing lines ever...

Sean Riley said...

Amen, Brother Glass!