Friday, December 28, 2012

Roberto Rodriguez 's 10 Minute Cooking School

Puerco Pibil


chautauqua said...

If I remember correctly, this was added on to the Once Upon A Time in Mexico DVD as Bonus material. It really does look tasty! The film, not so much.

StonyPillow said...

Mariachi-style cooking is a way of life. Make a list of what's handy, and build a recipe around it. Works great for Sin City Breakfast Tacos. BTW, ease way up on the lard, butter and salt, and use healthier cooking oils. Yeah, store-bought flour tortillas kinda suck, but at least they won't kill you. If they ruin your whole day, try a double corn tortilla instead.

Aim careful, and look the devil in the eye.

Bukko Canukko said...

Fark!!!! I don't think of you as a reference for recipes, but this one is PERFECT for my situation! My wife dumped me after 10 years (no bad action on my part; she was always depressed and dissatisfied, and eventually she turned the same ire on me that she had against Nixon, Reagan, Bush II, the American Police State, the Catholic Church, etc. Now she's back in San Francisco, stewing in her own misery, getting by on Social Security and cashing out her share of the 1-oz. gold coins and kilogram gold bars, which should be plenty enough to last her until she finally commits suicide, but that's another story. Several, actually.)

Anyway, one of the things I'm doing is eating through the 6 months' supply of food we always keep in the house as preparation for natural disasters or a sudden economic collapse. There's also a ton of spices on the shelves, condiments in the fridge and food in the freezer, including a nice pork loin. Not 5 lbs like this. but enough for a decent recipe, although the meat is more high-quality than this dish calls for. I have all those spices, except for the achiote, which I can buy, and even a spare coffee grinder that I use for pulverizing the ingredients when I make dukkah. No banana leaves, but I can get by with foil, eh?

This is so great, DG! I usdta be a good cook before my ex, who was a better cook, took over that duty. I'm out of practice with meat recipes, except for grilling on the gas barbie we brought up from Australia. I'm probably immigrating back there later this year -- I loved the land Down Under, although my wife hated it for the entire four years we lived there -- and I hope to eat as much of the food in the house as I can before then. Aussie immigration doesn't allow people to bring food when they enter the country. And the 20-foot container of household goods that I'll be freighting would sit on a dock in Singaporean heat for doG knows how long getting roasted like the last time we moved there, so everything would be as ruined as the good wines we mistakenly shipped when we left America in 2005.

It's a small thing in the big scheme, getting rid of a piece of pork and some spices, but I un-ironically appreciate your unexpected assistance with this. Good onya, mate!

Jamal Mohamed said...

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