Friday, December 28, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #160

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.
-- T. S. Eliot


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jim said...

Goopers losing DeMint & Armey in the same week ... John Boehner's McPress Conference One Minute Absurdist Theater ... Armey playing Mussolini 2.0 with FreedomWorks & scooping an easy eight million (in unmarked non-sequential bills?) scott-free ... YOW ... how long before a maudlin mob of Freepers opt to go Full Jonestown? When even a generic right-wing spud like Joe "The Interninator" Scarborough is having an epiphany & hugging his newfound Inner Jane Fonda on gun control, surely cats & dogs living together cannot be far behind!

Scams falling apart are always ridiculous, ugly & dangerous things. This one is huge & it still has far to go before it is fully unravelled = America better get itself a Kevlar jockstrap ASAP.

Glad my pocket change helped you crazy kids to go out for to enjoy teh moving pictures. Happy Mayan Post-Apocalypse!

Canadian Patriot said...

Took you long enough. ;-)