Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

On Dancin' Dave's "Olde Tyme Both Sides Do It Hour"
three more nominees for "Pundits most in need of losing a significant digit" put in their bids.

David Brooks:
We have a lot of potential for fracking from innovation. We’re one step away. If we get this-- if we can prove our nation as governable, we are really the golden spot in the world and the way you do that-- first, the Republicans have some homework to do. They got to figure out which taxes do we least want to oppose and so that’s rates, that’s capital gains or that’s deductions. I think they’re going to end up with capital gains. They're going to say, okay, we’ll raise that, we’ll get the revenue that way. But the president has homework too. His posture on spending has been very passive, I’m all ears, you give me what you’ve got. You got to (Unintelligible) together. The Republicans will not give on taxes unless the president is aggressive and leads on spending...
Mrs. Alan Greenspan:
But I think that requires a different posture from both Congress, from the Republicans, and from the president. The president showed that he really can work with the legislators. And remember the health care proposals where he just gave them guidelines? It would have been a much easier process I think if he had really presented something, worked it through, sold it more. He has to show a different kind of leadership. And it’s not clear whether or not he’s going to spend the political capital. Remember, the president that you covered so intensively, George W. Bush, when he was re-elected, and he said he had that capital to spend, and tried it at least on Social Security and failed. I mean, these are very, very tough decisions. There is a moment here. We are at an inflexion point and if this president and this Congress can get past their talking points, get past the populace rhetoric...
Carly "America's auxiliary Peggy Noonan" Fiorina:
And, look, I-- let us accept Reverend Al’s point and the president’s point about fairness. But equally it is not fair that public employee union pensions and benefits are so rich now that cities and states are going bankrupt and college tuition is going up 25 and 30 percent or police and firefighters are being cut. There’s a lot that isn’t fair right now...
Aaaaand David Brooks, one more time:
You can't cut — you can't tax your way through a budget deal. You have to do it both ways. You can't take the country off the fiscal cliff. First — because you just can't control it. You don't know what's going to happen in the world if we have another budget crisis. It could be cataclysmic. Second, you can't humiliate the Republicans on your way to a deal. You have to give them a pathway to yes...
Dancin' Dave did change things up a little bit:  instead of his usual practice of reading aloud from David Brooks' latest awful "New York Times" column 


and asking David Brooks and the rest of the panel what they think of it, he read aloud from Tom Friedman's latest awful "New York Times" column 

and asked David Brooks and the rest of the panel what they thought of it.

In other words:

From Charles P. Pierce:

The fact that the Dancin' Master is quoting Tom Friedman on this makes it worse, not better. There is not a single proposal under serious discussion of which I am aware that would bring the slightest amount of significant "pain" to either Gregory or Friedman, but there are dozens that will make the lives of middle-class and poor Americans more difficult. Let Friedman and Gregory live for a week on Social Security. Let them live an hour on food stamps or unemployment benefits. Then let them preach civic duty to the people who pay their honoraria, or to the people who actually collapsed the economy, and not to the millions of people out in the country who are struggling to get by on what clowns like these tip the valet.

Elsewhere, Mitt Romney continued to fade from existence so fast you'da thought that he'd traveled back in time and accidentally prevented his granddaddy 
from hauling the ass to Mexico with a bandwagon full of sisterwives.  

"Face the Nation" talked about books, which was nice.


blackdaug said...

I accidently surfed in to watching a small segment of Floyd the Barbers Sunday Book Club (Face The Nation)..where Bob Woodward literally spent 5 minutes hammering the President for not playing enough golf with people, and for sitting with his friends at the World Series..and not talking to some Republicans that were there.
It was what I imagine it would sound like, listening to a high school girl talking dirt about "the" black cheerleader...really.
I shit you not, it was surreal.
I was hoping to see Katherine Grahams corpse shamble into the studio and beat him to death with a mike stand..but I couldn't watch any more.

P J said...

Every time I hear these resident geniuses spew their ignorance about anything having to do with the economy, I want to scream.

Debt and inflation aren't the problems, unemployment is. These morons think we're still pre-1971. We need demand, our economy needs cash flow, and that means full employment. Get the goddamn congress critters to start spending federal money and get people jobs, for chrisssakes.

And stop listening to these dopes.

ChiefD said...

From the two pics of Mittens taken since the electin (pumping gas and just huggin' dear old Ann in the kitchen) it looks like maybe he's so psychically rattled by the loss that he's gone a little off the deep end. I can only hope so. That would be just too funny.

marindenver said...

I actually had a conversation with one of my partners about "lucky duckies" and the unemployment safety net turning into a "hammock" a couple of weeks ago. He really seemed to believe that. I asked him how long his family could get by on $271 per week and he just gave me a blank look like he'd never even considered such a reality. Hell, $271 wouldn't even buy one of his ties.

David in NYC said...

"You got to (Unintelligible) together."

Well, if there is anyone in the world who knows how to (Unintelligible), it would surely be Our Mr. Brooks.