Friday, November 30, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #156


"Keep the Government out of your Underpants."
-- Frank Zappa


  • From the outright takeover of the GOP by fascists to the rise of dark money Super PACs, in 1995 Wallace Shawn showed us the shape of things to come:

Da' money goes here:


Anonymous said...

How Obama should treat the Republicans: 1:55-3:45 is the best spot.

Ufotofu9 said...

Re: The Sunday morning shows:

There is an excellent live blog of the Sunday shows that I am sure many people here are aware of called "TV Sound Off" by Jason Linkins on the Huffington Post. He's both insightful and hilarious. He watches the Sunday shows so you don't have to, and believe me, he is entertaining enough to make those shows interesting to read about. It's one of my Sunday traditions, reading him at work.

Anonymous said...

There was too a giant uprising of a centrist third party.

The reason you didn't hear who the big No Labels Candidate for President was, and why he didn't win?

The box to vote for him was blank.