Friday, November 16, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #154


"Those who do not learn from history are called 'Fox News viewers'."
-- driftglass via George Santayana


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steeve said...

The republican party can't transform itself into sanity, even if the forces were in place to do so, because there's no room. The democrats are on the extreme rightmost edge of sanity. Any reality-based challenge to democrats can only come from the left.

There is no true sentence that is politically to the right of democrats.

daver said...

Fine article on the cool, competent ITechies and their organization on the Obama side (via Sandy U. at the incomparable ristocrats). What a contrast!:

jim said...

Very relieved & happy to hear that you've somehow survived more than a week of the wholesale slaughter, chaos & devastation from the uprising/coup/terrorism/Civil War 2.0 that was earnestly vowed to go down by the valiant legions of the 101st Keyboarders if Obama stole Amerika again. Guess all those "Duck & Cover" drills in school paid off after all, eh?

Bobo's legacy project OPERATION CONSERVATIVE SOLON is primo low comedy, given that wingnuts unanimously & heartily loathe him as just another lamestream-media liberal secularist.

I'd seen nothing of David Gregory or MTP before this election ... a scenario that will now mercifully recur. Dude sure wears his Corporate Lickspittle Merit Badge on his sleeve, which makes him a less innocent version of a sideshow microcephalic chewing the heads off pigeons for nickels as far as I'm concerned.

TeeVee hairdo delivery-system cadres (& the Pop Culture ecosystem that loves them) used to gloss over policy because it usually sells better with a layer of gloss ... now they literally have no other option because they no longer have the aptitude or chops to retain either utility or lucidity while delving into policy nuts & bolts. That's a major sea change in terms of cybernetic devolution - & it's one that arrived with very parlous timing indeed.

District maps that look like 8-bit Atari versions of Jackson Pollack are a tell that state crime is rampant - even a random overlay of Tetris screencap stencils would be an improvement over the status quo.


Anonymous said...

Luke Russert, the Jim Belushi of network news

Another fine episode thankyou.

dinthebeast said...

The PSP link goes to WSJ...