Friday, November 09, 2012

Professional Left Podcast #153


"Republicans: Always wrong but never in doubt."
-- History


Da' money goes here:


Big Wayne said...

Hey Driftglass,
Thanks for the podcast! No Friday is complete without it.

Hey, the word you are looking for is "shellacking." The dictionary even uses it in the definition!

shellackingpresent participle of shel·lac (Verb)

(1) Varnish (something) with shellac.

(2) Defeat or beat (someone) decisively: "they were shellacked in the election".

Sorry to be a pedant, but I know you care about words and language and writing as much as I do.

Sean Riley said...

That post-election dollar? That's a good dollar!

HitandMiss said...

Where can I listen to that radio show you hosted?

Anonymous said...

I agree with HitandMiss. I would like to listen to this radio broadcast.