Friday, November 09, 2012

My Handy, English-Language Translation

of David Frum's E-Book ("Why Romney Lost").

Chapter 1:
Liberals were right all along.
Chapter 2:
About everything.
The End.

UPDATE:  Mind you, Mr. Frum will never, ever say this out loud, but this is exactly what his cutting edge critique boils down to.  


blackdaug said...

Good to see your new header has "the thinker" pondering the universe with a happy sun shining on the intact earth...rather than the old one with him pondering the planets eminent destruction from a looming asteroid strike...
or maybe it has always been that way and I just dreamed the old version...?

Batocchio said...

If only. Frum cannot allow himself to be that honest, although he may indeed say that between the lines - or rather, despite himself. They guy endorsed Romney, on the grounds of letting hostage-takers win...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Frum is a pretty honest guy...for a conservative.

Winski said...

These clowns are SO two-dimensional people and paper thin… One small push and they collapse… In the case of the Watergate Felon in the pic, the rest seems like noise today….

ScarabusRedivivus said...


Holy shit! The photo is sufficient. Gordon Liddy? Handshake? Big smile? Gotta reject that moment decisively if you want to be taken seriously, Mr. Frum!

[Irrelevant coincidence: Butterfield, the aide who first let slip Nixon's taping? His son was in a lecture class I was helping teach while I was in grad school at Duke. Really felt sorry for the kid.]

Petty of me though it might be, I can't avoid thinking of the physical similarity between David Frum and Darrel Issa — the latter a petty crook and major asshole.

Seriously, though, you read Brooks all the time. That lets you learn where he's at, where people like him are at, and how to counter him.

Bad for these guys to have a public platform, of course, but good to know what they're up to. "Know thine enemy"?