Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ayn Rand *




* In response to inquiries, each one of these has been subtly Photoshopped. If you click them to see the larger version you should be able to the alterations more clearly.


P J said...

Is that "John Galt 4 Prez 2012" bumper sticker for real? If so, he/she gets no help from FEMA. Fuck no.

HitandMiss said...

We all know that if the govt wasnt collecting taxes on the genius job creators they would of built the weather control machines by now and stopped Sandy,

They also would of figured out some way to turn Co2 in the Atmosphere into Diamonds.

Hang on, I think I just came up with 2 great new books!

Roket said...

And as with all pig people, if Ms Rand were alive and well today and living in NYC you can bet she'd have her eye on some of that sweet FEMA pie, also too. You betcha!

DeistPaladin said...

So are the free markets going to take care of this?

Anonymous said...

If New York didn't have such restrictions on personal sidearms, residents could have defended themselves and their property under a 'stand your dry ground law'! They could have filled Sandy full of lead and saved the city.