Thursday, January 12, 2012

Then War Broke Out in Republican Heaven

Willard and his plunderfuck money fought against the Newt, and the Newt and his casino-money fought back.
-- Revelation 12:7 (St. Ronald Reagan edition)

This is Newt Gingrich's half-hour beatdown documenting Willard Romney's years of soulless rapacity sowing his wild LBOs and playing Dread Pirate Roberts at Bain Capital.

I have had two whole careers shot out from under me by plunderfucks like Romney (and one career incinerate by the Romney mentality running through the existing management like a staph infection.)

The only advice I can humbly offer when dealing with them is, whenever possible, follow the first and most ancient rule of fighting vampires: never, ever invite one in the door.


Rev.Paperboy said...

Also large pointy wooden stakes through the heart, coincidently something that is also useful against vampires

Roket said...

[poppity, poppity, poppity]

Let the redefinition of capitalism commence.

[poppity, pop...pop...DING]

Oh good. Popcorn's ready.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

Goddamn, what a world when Newt Fucking Gingrich calls it like it is. Of course the corpulent little pig fucker do just the opposite if it helped him on his way up.

Anonymous said...

My family business was almost destroyed by assholes like this. We'll never be what we were, but fortunately we escaped.

Rehctaw said...

When the stone throwin' starts... it can't be unexpected that Newtie's taking on the Ernest T. Bass persona, can it?

Since I left my "career" in the public sector to escape the petty inbred politics, all but two of the 14 businesses for which I toiled are no longer in business.

I used to worry how that would impact my resume'. I know that it caused difficulty maintaining a viable credit rating. Over time I've achieved Zen about it all.

M&As, LBOs, Off-shoring, Downsizing, workforce replacemnt strategies... you name it, I've lived it.

I used to think there would always be another job. I don't think that anymore.

America's new economic Apartheid is the "unthinkable, inconceivable, but inevitable outcome of Reaganomics and Law & Order gone completely untethered.

Part of me says fuggit, let's give the Rethugs everything they say they want. It'll get ugly quick, but maybe what's left can pick up the pieces and get on with things.

Anonymous said...

"Part of me says fuggit, let's give the Rethugs everything they say they want. It'll get ugly quick, but maybe what's left can pick up the pieces and get on with things."

Rechtaw - I've been out of work for over 2 years. I'm 49 and I've run out of ideas but maybe, not hope. I REALLY don't want to be sacrificed on the alter of "what if" with a GOP post-apocalyptic world.

I stopped watching THE WALKING DEAD because it was too depressing and WAY TOO MUCH like a metaphor for life in these times...

RossK said...

Is it possible that the real rodents of unusual size are only simulating copulation on this one while they are actually, ummmmmm.....inoculate?


Suzan said...

Stake thru the heart always works for me, but you've gotta join the other side (briefly, of course) to really effect the correct response.

Comes the revolution!


Bongo Shaftsbury said...

"Wooden stakes through aortas, very free and easy
Easy the way it's supposed to be"

knowdoubt said...

Newt (pot) calls Mitt (kettle) Black. I would recommend a silver bullet you don't have to actually touch them to rid them of what ails them.

Anonymous said...


Ema Nymton said...


As one's opponents are busy destroying each other one must step lightly. When elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled.

This has been quite an enjoyable past few weeks. So many of the bat-sh!t crazies on the whacked out right have become dispirited as their favorite clown has been knocked out of the running. Let us hope they take their ball home and refuse to play in November.

When dealing with wounded predators of the RepublicanT Party, sane people recognize the remaining risks. Just because Gewt Ningrich wounds the front runner does not mean the whole pack is not dangerous.

Mr Romney and the money manipulators will not be easy to defeat. Once GOP settle their internal 'pissing-contest' they will turn their hate onto the people and the Democratic Party. Progressives/liberals have to keep in mind just how close to the edge of oblivion USA stands.

Ema Nymton

RossK said...

By jove.

I think we've got it now.

It's neither inoculation nor copulation from the Rodents Of Unusual Size.

Instead, it's....



Mister Roboto said...
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Mister Roboto said...

Okay, I just watched the whole thing. I may detest vegan anarcho-kiddies, fanatic atheist-skeptics, and teabagger know-nothings, but I fucking hate people such as these "plunderfucks". And I know I do myself no favors by hating anybody for any reason, but there it is just the same. :-(

smartalek said...

Isn't it a sign of the End of Days when a Publican tells the truth?

smartalek said...

Heartbreaking as this is, I can't help but wonder how many of the people featured had been voting Publican for years?
How many had not been voting at all?
Most important, how many of them are still doing so -- blaming Mittens in particular, but not the system of which he, Newt, Ricky, Huckabee, Paul, GWB, and all the rest of them are indistinguishably part, and indistinguishably responsible?