Thursday, November 03, 2011

Nothing Makes A Villager Happier

Than piloting every conversation away from any potentially awkward discussion of what utterly clueless, privileged, lying, always-wrong sacks of assfoam bromide they are...

...and onto safer, cheerier topics.

Even if they have to lie about it.

From David Brooks:

My real subject today is Herman Cain

Let’s start with the politics of it. My first question is over whether the Clinton statute of limitations has expired. My assumption, post Lewinsky scandal, was that for at least a decade no president or presidential candidate could be punished for an improper workplace relationship because if Clinton could get away with it then no one else should suffer.

"get away with it"?


The only real difference between what Mr. Brooks does and what Rush Limbaugh does is that Our Mr. Brooks works his ass-for-rent/tell-you-any-lie-you-wanna-hear end of the business for high-income-bracket-types and with a courtesan's blush, while Limbaugh grinds out his living giving fast, unromantic ten-dollar political handjobs to white trash.

Or, as I wrote here:
Like a high-end, concierge version of the sewage that Fox and hate Radio pump into the amygdalae of the Pig People, Bobo provides his clients with a form of specialized fetish fulfillment.

The only question which is still open to debate is whether or not Mr. Brooks' compulsive, self-absolving revisionism has finally gnawed so syphilitically into his brain that he actually cannot remember what he and his Party put this country through during the 1990s for the sake of partisan advantage and Neocon dreams of empire.

Because I sure as Hell do:


Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't state the obvious: It's been more than 10 years since that "scandal". Not only was his concept bullshit, but he laid out a concept in which he - most likely - inadvertently admitted that he's so fetishized that fake ordeal from the 90s that he can't even remember that it's coming close to 15 years ago instead of 10.

lostnacfgop said...

Man, you have, like, destroyed my crush on Polythene Pam forever, now, are you happy?

Anonymous said...


Thank you,