Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Disgraced Republican Pervert Urges

"GOP Courage on Debt Issue"

And no, I am not kidding.

From Forbes:

Gingrich urges GOP courage on debt issue

ATLANTA -- Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich on Tuesday urged fellow Republicans to stand firm in their battle with President Barack Obama over raising the federal government's debt ceiling.

In a policy paper provided to The Associated Press, Gingrich invoked the twin government shutdowns during the 1990s when he was House speaker. Republicans, he said, were unfairly denounced by liberals and the news media at the time.

"Ultimately, standing firm led to the first four balanced budgets in our lifetime," Gingrich said. "Proving we were serious changed the attitude of the Clinton White House toward working with us. Being firm led to both a policy and political success," he said.

Gingrich says the choice today doesn't have to be between tax increases and draconian spending cuts. He says reining in waste and abuse in government programs like food stamps coupled with streamlining government management could help save money.

Of course, Newt is only a Disgraced Republican Pervert this week.

Next week, or the week after, or whenever his campaign finally shudders to a stop and dies unnoticed, broke and unmourned under America's political porch, Newt will undoubtedly be welcomed back by David Gregory into the loving embrace of "Meet the Villagers", after which the Disgraced Republican Pervert will fundamentally/basically/radically be restored to his former title of "Lying Racist Gasbag Who Beltway Ball Washers Continue to Defiantly Insist is the Smartest Human Being on Earth."

Meanwhile, on the other side of Crazytown...

...fresh from having Bravely Diagnosed our current problem with his Republican Party (threatening to blow up the world) as the fault of Barack Obama (still not kidding) for not preventing the Giant Pig Party Implosion at the end of the Empire by (I'm only guessing here) going back in time and killing Richard Nixon before he could codify the Southern Strategy (or something)...

...David Frum them goes on Bravely Propose the following solution (wait for it.........): Moar Tax Cuts!

And no, I am still not kidding:
Democrats Should Offer to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts

Here’s one Democratic compromise that could move the debt ceiling talks further along: Extend the Bush tax cuts for four more years.

Arguably, the Bush tax rates may be the single most important deal-maker on the table.

But however deep and tragic his desperate-flight-from-personal-responsibility intellectual coma may appear to be to the untrained layperson, please do not worry about Mr. Frum's future. Like Gingrich, and so many of their fellow travelers in the In-The-Club Wingnut set, there is literally no amount of steaming, demented self-negating intellectual offal that this former Bush speechwriter can poop into the public record that will stop him from getting invited back in front of the teevee cameras and onto the pages of the Journals of Serious People.


And over.

And over again.

No kidding.


alise said...

Ah, Newt Gringrich, what can we say?

I just wish that the Mouse Circus wouldn't let him say anything at all, ever. The fact that certain people still regard him as a "serious person" speaks volumes as to just how far our political discourse has fallen. Of course, just one look at the MSM on any given day will give you a peek at that.

Personally, I wish with all my heart that the Republicans will take Newt's advice and stand firm on their position in the debt ceiling "debates" and force a government shut down. "Newtie and the Blowhards" did just that in 1994 and we see how well that worked out for them. 2012, here we come!

As for the current Mrs. Gingrich, she should hope and pray that her health holds out. Otherwise, she may find that her account at Tiffany's has been canceled.

Suzan said...

But after his recent comedy renderings (where he pretended to be an honest broker about the Bush frauds), Frum has now clearly targeted himself to anyone who needs one to use as a case study of how they ALL are.

Kind of helpful to the dialogue, don't you think?