Saturday, June 18, 2011

And Then Came Friday Evening

When the summer cold that BG and I have been carefully cultivating landed on me with both feet.

The downside: I'm going to be loopy from cold meds all day, so if you see me, discount about 17% of my weirdness.

The upside: It is possible that, loopy from cold meds, I snuck out of the Liberal Enclave last night and carefully pre-moistened and then coughed on every doorknob in the Right Online's Wingnut Enclave.

You're welcome.


Loveandlight said...

Yeah, I got a chest-cold during the last week of May, and it left a nice little parting gift of a coating of phlegm for my lungs. Don't you love this not-winter-not-spring weather we've been having this year?

Bustednuckles said...


A one man typhoid Mary.

joel hanes said...

You're too good a writer to use "snuck".

The word is "sneaked".