Friday, April 15, 2011

Professional Left Podcast #69b

""It is better to remain silent and be thought a Conservative than to open one's big, dumb bibble-spigot and remove all doubt."

Abraham Lincoln (The original quote seems to
have been somewhat garbled.)

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1. Harold Ford Jr. shows that Math is Hard!

2. CORRECTION: Driftglass' Mom is 80, not 70. We had a big party and everything. But when confronted with the need to do math in my head, I went "spla". That cold, flat, drowny feeling when you know damn well you know a thing and it just won't come because, in this case, it seemed highly suspect that a woman that sharp, smart, energetic and rockin' was 80.

This is, by the way, exactly the same way I have gotten myself lost on familiar roads may times: just woolgathering along, when suddenly possessed by the thought that it was inconceivable that I had not already come to the turnoff. Why, I'd better turn around better turn around immediately and start retracing my steps! This is how I managed to miss -- I keed you not -- my first Mensa meeting.

So I went Full Harold Ford Junior, thus demonstrating that, in the wrong hands,
deductive reasoning is treasonous tramp, and that I can be a perfect i-d-i-o-t.

Love you, Mom :-)

3. CJ Cregg hands out lessons in math and humility:

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Loveandlight said...

So I guess I would be the black-fingernail-polish-wearing goth-kid in the dysfunctional family.

{/rolls eyes} Whatever....

darkblack said...

You're so going to get it from DriftMom over this mea-culpa-meets-whoops-I-spilled-the-beans-on-your-age-in-print business, I'd wager.


Loveandlight said...

What I think happened was that somebody finally hit Obama with the no-duh "Appearing reliably vacillating and compromising doesn't make you look like a strong leader and doesn't get you re-elected" cl00brik.