Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Came and Went

It is my understanding that this week's "Meet the Press" featured an EXCLUSIVE! with John Boehner, followed by a panel featuring David Brooks and Mark Halperin.

It's like someone found Richard Cohen's porn stash.

I happily missed it all.

Instead, I spent the last several days doing family things: shoveling out cliffs and glacierettes of leftover snow w/ neighbors while kids built impregnable fortresses in the piles; visiting the Garfield Park Conservatory for a breath of Spring; watching Speed Racer and Rocky & Bullwinkle reruns with the wee ones; cooking; taking kids to grandma's; making up bedtime stories about fictional towns in real places...all while working my p/t gig hard during the interstitial hours and doing lots of packing, unpacking and driving.

So, in lieu of a standard post-Mouse Circus Excoriation, some overdue "Thank Yous" for all the people who left such kind comments downstream...

Many, many thanks. The logistics of all of this is still up in the air, but I can say that much depends on finding the right balance among a lot of tricksie variables, some of which I never had to think about before. I can say for sure that, no matter what we end up doing, it will be good news for John McCain.


Capt. Bat Guano,
Thank you.


Matthew Stephens,
Thank you.

Indeed it is.


Though Allah be the wiser!
And thanks.

We will strive to argue just enough.

Zombie rotten mcdonald,
Tell the shamblers "hey", thanks from us.


res ipsa loquitur,
Been a long,strange trip, eh?

Kathryn in MA,
Thank you

"Well" indeed. Considering I went into blogging for wealth, fame and women. I was beginning to think, like, Bogie, that I had been misinformed.

The great cosmic muffin is kind. As to your vote, well, this is Chicago :-)

Thank you

Testing the ancient theory that two can podcast as cheaply as one :-)

Thank you.

Many thanks.
I would not give the "anonymity thing" a 2nd thought...if I lived in anything approaching a meritocracy where (all things being equal) job security was based on how hard and/or brilliantly one did one's jobs, and not "at will" where a single peeved asshole or rival with the right connections can get you fired on a whim.

I do not live in that world.

Thank you

Dave S,
Thanks. No, it just means I've been doing my job :-)

One Fly,
Thanks. You put that very well.

Anything for the cause ;-)


Coldie said...

much love driftglass. I didn't know if it was a V day joke at first. Later at work I thought about your news and it made me smile!!!

So happy for you and Bluegal. But how will you stay anonymous in your wedding posts??

mahakal said...

Love and congratulations to you both! It is a most auspicious union. :)

K. Ron Silkwood said...

I was slow in finding out what was happening. Congratulations to you and BG on starting a new media dynasty.

US Blues said...

Late to the party again.

Congratulations DG, wishing you the best that life has to offer!! I'll raise a toast of SIngle Malt to you both!

Bustednuckles said...



The Ex-Wiz said...

Talk about late to the party.


I'm sure happiness will be your calling card.


jurassicpork said...

I've been lying fallow since this past weekend chipping away at one damned novel or another and sending off proposals to literary agents. Ergo I didn't find this out until just now when Mrs. JP read Busted Knuckels' post and she announced the engagement to me..

Congrats, mazel tov or best wishes whatever your religions. Couldn't've happened to two nicer bloggers/podcasters.

Hey, how about exchanging vows on a live podcast? That's something I'd pay for.

Rintojen Suurennus said...


StringonaStick said...

I had a feeling about you two long ago; glad to see my emotional radar still works well!

jim said...

Ooh, a real no-guff shout-out! At this rate I'll go from unknown to obscure any year now.