Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Breaking: Gambling Discovered!

Shock expressed!

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

84% of workers planning to look for new job: poll

BY FRANCINE KNOWLES Business Reporter Jan 5, 2011 12:48AM

Workers can’t wait to dump their employers: 84 percent of respondents to a survey say they plan to actively look for a new job this year.

That’s up from 60 percent who said they planned to do so last year. Only 5 percent said they intend to stay in their current position.

The survey was done by Manpower subsidiary Right Management. “It’s staggering,” said Joanne Stroud of Right Management.

Senior leadership within organizations is largely to blame, Stroud said. While many workers have gone without salary increases for two to three years and are now doing the job of one to two people, they see and hear less from senior leadership about the vision for the future and how they see the company evolving and reshaping themselves, she explained.
Wouldn't it be just awesome if we could run our governments more like businesses?

I'd bet they'd run a lot better if only they had the Invisible Fist of the Marketplace jammed to the elbow up their collective asses.

Ah, but of course they already do.

Never mind.


Rehctaw said...

Shoes for industry compadre.

That job that pays in Trident gum is starting to look pretty good eh?

My 99er neighbor just landed a gig selling one of those imitation AFLAC products. Commission only. All cold calling. No benefits.

But hey, a job's a job right?

Taylor Wray said...

What pisses me off to no end is hearing "conservatives" whining about how the government isn't creating enough jobs.

Let me write that once more for effect: CONSERVATIVES are constantly whining that the GOVERNMENT isn't creating enough jobs.

At the same time, it's supposedly a Sacred Conservative Principle that jobs are not created by the government, but by the private sector.

They've even got Obama and the Dems drinking their Kool-Aid, eager to come on TV and reassure the voters that job creation is "their #1 priority."

At what point did our entire political establishment forget that PRIVATE-SECTOR EMPLOYERS EMPLOY PEOPLE AND THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT?

Asian-American Pundit said...

I'm definitely one of those people. Happy New Year brother!

Rev.Paperboy said...

Taylor, if the government doesn't employ people, does that mean that all the teacher, soldiers, police, firefighters, mail carriers, food inspectors, snow plow drivers etc etc are all aliens from Mars? I mean, I know that one lady down at DMV isn"t human and that many government offices are staffed with zombies, but I'm pretty sure the government, in one form or another, is the largest employer in the country. They might be second or third after McDonalds or Starbucks or something, but I'm guessing they must be in the top three.