Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(With lavish apologies to Don McLean)

Cult of insiderhood and caché,
Looked out at a nation in decay,
With eyes that can't read past the latest poll.
Vultures on the Hill,
Transcribe the words of fascist shills,
Riding every breeze and those leggy thrills,
In colors of calculated bland.

Now I understand that you get paid to lie to me,
Your insufferable inanity,
That paved the way for Hannity.
We do not listen, we don't kowtow.
For now we have Maddow.

Process gibber in an endless maze,
Swirling clouds of narcotic haze,
Reflect in Gregory's eyes of empty glass.
Anything but true, The Stupid hurts my brain,
Botoxed faces there to entertain,
The bastard children of Ayn Rand.

Now I understand why you tried to lie to me,
How you shilled for their insanity,
How you did it for a fee.
We do not listen, we do not bow.
It's all Tom Hartmann now.

For we no longer trust you,
Not a fucking thing you say is true.
And when the place lay ruined by the Right
At the end of that long, Cheneyian night,
You somehow blamed both sides, as loafers often do.
And wept your tiny, moneyed tears, that
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.

Talking heads in endless brawls,
Fellating the same old pols,
With eyes that skim the world and could not care less.
This is now our nation's press:
Fields of empty men in Savile Row
While the legacies of Tarbell and Murrow,
Lie crushed and forgotten beneath Fox News.

Now I understand that you get paid to lie to me,
Your insufferable inanity,
That paved the way for Hannity.
We would not listen, you never had a prayer.
Because we've fucking got Colbert...


Fran Langum / Blue Gal said...

You're so amazing.

double nickel said...

Another classic.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go, Drifty, set to music;

Kathryn in MA

shrink in sf said...

That was a thing of beauty. Nice work.

Malacandra said...

I don't think Don would demand any apology. It's a tribute.

KWillow said...

Obama is "the doctor in the hall".

Better than GrumpyGrandpa and Slutty Librarian does not mean "really good".

gruaud said...


Denny Smith said...

Cool. I play on weekends down at the local clubs, and this is one of my songs. I'll sub the new words for shits and giggles and see if anyone is weepy enough to cram the tip jar. Way cool.

Anonymous said...

This is among your finest work. If TypePad wasn't such a pain in the ass I'd post more comments. Keep it coming please. Peter G