Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The fact that this

36-year-old gem of snarky, vinyl-based, paleo-blogging was my very first political convention-related memory probably explains an enormous amount.


Blader said...

LOL!! I remember that one too!!

Suzan said...

The genesis of "Right on!" and "Gotta find a woman?" Now we know.

How dare there not be more than one comment for this rare artistry? And who is that sweet-faced hippie?

Great memories (and a lotta guffaws). Thanks for the Guess Who's "American Woman," which forced(!) me to relive some precious moments of my college years when my girlfriends and I would get together and snarl out that song (which was about the run-amuck American military, not the women). Long live Burton Cummings - writer of songs that enlivened and informed my world like "Share the Land," "Hand Me Down World," "Undun,"
"Laughing," and "No Sugar Tonight" among many others.

And what could be better than the original GD's picture - some of their music perhaps? One can dream. And you did pay proper tribute to Harry Nilsson.

My liege!


jiminy jilliker said...

Yes. Yes it does.