Saturday, August 23, 2008

America's Two Biggest Hoaxes

From UPI

Hoax Bigfoot was filled with road kill
Published: Aug. 21, 2008


(pauses to wipe tear away)


ATLANTA, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- Two Georgia men who claimed to possess the body of a slain Sasquatch said the mythical beast was actually a Bigfoot costume filled with road kill.

Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton, a former police officer who was fired once the hoax was exposed, said the Bigfoot scam was a joke and they never intended their story to become as sensational as it did, WSBTV, Atlanta, reported Thursday.

"All this was a big joke. It got into something way bigger than it was supposed to be," Whitton said.

The men said the item they had claimed was Bigfoot's corpse was actually nothing more than a costume filled with opossum road kill and leftovers from a slaughterhouse.

However, Whitton said he disagrees with Clayton County Police Department Chief Jeff Turner's decision to fire him on the grounds that the hoax affects his credibility.

"I don't believe it does affect my credibility at all because this is Bigfoot," said Whitton. "It would be one thing if I came out and said that I had something else that is tangible or real, but right now, as far as I'm concerned, there is no real Bigfoot."


It is sad to see the level of lumpen dumbass to which the storied profession of hoaxing of rubes has fallen.

Now if only there was some larger lesson to be drawn from a story about

a legendary beast

that turned out to be

nothing but a hair suit

stuffed with

Road kill.


Mr.Natural said...

I hope these assholes stay real fuckin confident! I am guessing that Joe Biden knows where ALL the skeletons are buried, and I got a feeling he will drag em out and let us all get a sniff. IF WE EVEN GET an election this fall, that is...

Suzan said...

And speaking of that . . .

has anyone unmasked the latest Berg/sHillary Obamania yet?

Will we play this out before FOX/CBS/ABC/NBC scam artists for extra added zing?

The games have begun.

Move along. Nothing to see here (as usual).


Jose Cuervito said...

Hugo Chávez dice que Bush se emborrachó en Olimpíadas...

Rehctaw said...

STILL a ways to go before they overtake the champion. Ronald Wilson Reagan.

In some ways, both are ripples in the Reagan pool. Stage it, block it, then stand by it regardless of the truth or consequences.

US Blues said...

Untried war criminals or agents of karma here to move our nation into another revolution?

WereBear said...

People fell for it.

They fell for the "ranch" and the "reformed drunk coke-head by the graceogawd" and the "experience hand of the helm" that was Cheney.

Old tricks that still worked.

The ones who can never admit to a mistake are still hanging in there because, and only because they can never admit to a mistake.

That's why you hear about the "Republicans let us down."

No, dumbass, you fell for it.

tanbark said...

Bush, Cheyney, Rummy, etc...

Poignant time-warp photos from Berchtesgaden.

(Where's Blondi, the Alsatian?)

gil mann said...

God DAMN it.

I found a picture of Bush in the same position (midstride, casting a rightward glance) as the iconic still from the Patterson Bigfoot film, and I was totally on the verge of writing a post tying the two images together that would catapult me into internet stardom.


Can't you stop being ahead of the curve for one fucking day?