Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This from the Dallas News.

Southlake school evacuated after student brings grenade

05:01 PM CDT on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

By LAURIE FOX / The Dallas Morning News

SOUTHLAKE – Old Union Elementary School was evacuated for 90 minutes Tuesday morning after a fourth-grader brought an inactive grenade to school.

Carroll ISD spokeswoman Julie Thannum said more than 500 students were evacuated to nearby Southlake Baptist Church Elementary School as a precaution.

She said the student brought the grenade, which still had the pin still in it, for show and tell. A family friend brought the device back from Iraq.

The local bomb squad removed the device from the campus. Students returned to the building at about 9:30 a.m.

District officials said they would use the incident, which prompted calls from media nationwide, to reiterate to students and parents what items are acceptable to bring to school.

Officials also said the incident illustrated that the school district's safety procedures can be effectively executed.

“We had a plan, and it worked very quickly,” Ms. Thannum said.

Some parents signed their children out of school for the day but returned them to campus later in the morning, officials said

WTF kind of crisis reaction is that?

I mean seriously? Developing a rational plan in advance? And then executed same with an orderly evacuation followed immediately with a phalanx of trained law enforcement specialists?

What the Hell?

Hasn’t the Reich Wing taught us in the last week that the only response to any and every campus threat is a massive counterstrike by anyone who happens to be standing around?

Because aren’t people at their absolute peak when they are armed, freaked, and weapons are going off around them? I mean, isn’t that the scenario that every cop just dreams of walking in on? That every platoon leader dreams of finding himself in the middle of?

Too bad there wasn't a squad of heavily armed locals laying in wait in the classroom, ready to panther-spring into battle.

Or a Geraldo, who is world famous for his ability to calm troubled waters

and take swift, decisive action to bring a violent situation under control.

Or at least a Michael Weiner Savage available to lay down his sweet ninja moves.

No matter the threat, the context or the realities of human nature. we now know that the answer to all problems is More Guns.

So sure, this little Texas Grenadier skated thanks to rampant liberalthink, but one can dream...

...one can dream.


Anonymous said...

[wingnut]"If fourth-graders were allowed to carry concealed guns, this wouldn't be a problem"[/wingnut]

Joshua said...

If fourth graders were allowed to carry hand grenades, nobody would have had to call the police!

Joe Blow said...

If someone had just picked up the grenade and looked at the bottom they could have put it in a drawer until it was time to go home.