Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If it'd been a fight...

...somebody woulda stopped it.

Crooks and Liars has this up -- Keith Olberman just picking up a continent and beating Don Rumsfeld to aspic with it.

Not that I have any illusions that Keith will change any minds.

After all, if at this late date you are still goose-stepping loyally along behind the Dear Leader into the abyss, there is no hope for you. You're either a 1st Class imbecile, a 3rd-rate Randite or a 5th column fascist. Whatever the case, you're long since dug like a tic into your own, private Cheneybunker so deep that mere words and facts and logic and reality have never budged you and never will. You are a waste of carbon, an insult to your species and need to get the Hell off of my planet.

Still, great jeremiad, Keith. Stictly top-shelf.


SV said...

Keith was on FIRE. I half-expected the brownshirts to break into the studio to try to stop him. He compared Rumsfeld to both Neville Chamberlain and Joe McCarthy. In fact, he pretty much outright called Rumsfeld a Fascist, and though he kept it professional, the sheer, visceral anger in his voice and eyes was unmistakeable.

I felt like crying when it was over. More of this, please.

US Blues said...

Thank you for sharing. ;-)

tweez said...

A KO for KO.

Well done.

Whoever wrote that should be proud. (was it written by KO himself?)

chautauqua said...

Gawd, I wish I'd seen it. Five minutes of monumental national smackdown of the junta is like an oasis in a very large desert.

WereBear said...

Yes, KO wrote it himself. He's known for writing his own commentaries.

I'm sending the video link around for anyone who might have missed it:


driftglass said...

It was something special. I've dropped it to my laptop and will now begin doing screenings on the bus :-)


us blues,
You are welcome.

sightunseen said...

Contrast the elegance of Kieth's structures with the insipid trash of the chimp.

Anonymous said...


I had read a transcript earlier, but hearing it spoken is even better.

November's but a stones throw away.

-le skunq, le pew

billy pilgrim said...

I did cry after hearing it.

Drift, I don't think it was aimed at the degenerate 32 percenters. I think it was aimed at the apathetic ones of the 60 percenters, to get them motivated to do something other than kneejerk reactionary voting for Republicans because "Democrats will raise my taxes and spend 'my' money on brown people.

It was epic.

Alyssa said...


Betsy said...

May I suggest to the blogging community that they encourage their readers to contact MSNBC and say that they will give Keith's sponsors first attention when they spend their money. This is the best way I know to both thank and encourage such a valuable resource.

tech98 said...

Contrast the elegance of Kieth's structures with the insipid trash of the chimp.

Every speech Bush has ever given:


Kickhissorryneoconasshard! said...

If it were a fight, I wouldn'ta stopped it! }:-)>

Does that mean I can't be "loveandlight" no more?

Okay, I'll change my handle for this one post.