Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One kind of

“Tenacious D”

These are run-and-gun days at the castle.

Back-to-back, sleep-poor, borrowing-tomorrow's-minutes-like-Wimpy-promising-payback-for-burgers days.

No time to sit down and have a proper think and do a little writing. Which is a pain, because the Algonquin Round Table dinner

with the Shakers certainly deserves attention (actually, it was three tables pushed together, whose desire to be reborn as a perfect Golden Mean was spectacularly thwarted by the parameters of the restaurant.)

A Concerned Citizen’s night out replete with sparkling conversation and a chance to geek completely out seeing Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. And I dunno what those people at the other end of the table were on about, but at the leeward end (“The Tailies” for you “Lost” fans), without giving too much away, we liked it.

Who knows but what it might go down in history as Al Gore’s own “Profiles in Courage” and all that implies.

So when Al did his star turn on Sunday Morning (barely visible through my slitted eyes, but plenty available online) it became clear that the through line for the last week has been Gore; coming now completely out of the wilderness to move Heaven and Earth to save Heaven and Earth

So in lieu of a long thesis, here’s a pre-dawn coffee-toast to Big Al:

Our own righteous and incredibly "Tenacious (D)"


Karen McL said...

Ooooh..I am like so *GreeN* with envy at such a FUN time. (*sigh* Us Sokker Moms lead such dull social lives in the Big baaaad un-City.)

Glad it was Good and looking forward to seeing this soon.

Thanks for the update.


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