Monday, June 05, 2006

For the proofreaders

Without hoom the senter wood knot hold :-)

I've mentioned before that I tippy-tap out material on the run. I am also possessed of an adorable dyslexia that often simply blinds me to simple spelling and punctuation errors that I make as the words come pouring out of my head.

Ironically, I’m a very good editor...of other people’s work. I just can’t carve into my own words until I’ve let them cool down for a day or several, and the postpartum cowl caul* of what I meant to say has faded away enough to let me read what I actually said.

Unfortunately, blogging – at least as I must do it – does not allow for such a stately pace of things, so goofy shit makes it onto the page. Things that I would certainly mark against if it were in a paper submitted to me for grading, and things that would scandalize every English teacher I’ve ever had, and every writing group I’ve ever been a part of.

So occasionally I feel a distant twinge of guilt at not being able to comb out all the unlovelies (I swear it’ll all be perfect when I stitch it all together in The Book) before it goes public.

And then I see something like this in the NYT, above the fold...

...and I sleep smugly once again.

* (Ok, just this once :-)


Anonymous said...

all your blog are belongst two ushh..


billy pilgrim said...

Hey, goofy shit making it onto the page describes my blogging accurately.

Mind if I borrow it?

Heck, I'm stealing it and putting it on my masthead!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "postpartum caul"?
Never mind.
I look forward every day to your wit and wisdom. My internal, infernal proofreader (good dog!) gives you a pass even when his head threatens to explode.
and we thank you.

Tanbark said...

Well, at least, that is NOT Bill O'Reilly's fault. He's only the Geography proof-reader at FoxNews.

And a pretty good one, at that.

I go now to enjoy a presumptious little cabernet, at Chez Malmedy...or, wait a minute; it might be Normandy...or was it Treblinka?

Oh, WTF! Here's to a hot loofah; Prosit! :o)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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