Friday, May 19, 2006

Dawn of the Ned.

The estimable Mr. Lamont needed 15% to get on the primary ballot in Connecticut against Dubya’s Pet Hamster, Kapo Joe Lieberman.

With virtually no name recognition and little funding but lots of netroots support, he got 33.4%.

And while we apparently must still wait awhile to see Rove in the public stocks, I will happily take good news where I find it.

And I found some here tonight.

So read on, crack one of the bottles of Fitzmas Ale you've been saving up, and maybe go here and give that nice Mr. Lamont some of that $44-tax-cut money that you’ve been saving.

A ringing endorsement of Ned Lamont’s campaign, and a stinging rebuke to Senator Lieberman. The convention is an inside-baseball event, and Lieberman put EVERYTHING he had into holding us below 15% ... he couldn’t. Your hard work and dedication has put Ned Lamont, officially, on the ballot.

The field operation continues plugging away tomorrow and we have an enormous headstart on-the-ground. The commercials give us a much needed boost in statewide recognition. And everyone’s read about the buzz you all are generating online.

We got the mo! This is what a movement looks like.

Fill the hat on the front page

To say the Lamont supporters are fired up would be a complete understatement. Here’s the final tally. Hat’s off to everyone out there from the campaign.

Ned Lamont: 505

Joe Lieberman: 1004

Total Needed for Ballot: 15%

Ned Receives: 505 (33.4%)

More later!

Any night that has Lieberman sweating through his “I Heart Bush” underoos and calling Rove on the Ratphone in terror for career advice is a good night.

A very good night indeed.

So one more bit of PhotoShop prestidigitation...

...for you Mr. Lamont.

For figuring out that there are indeed Democrats -- alive! -- inside the Democratic Party.


karena said...

Holy shit, poor Leiberman. What's a traitor to do? I'd bet ol'Rove has no advice for someone who lost fair and square. He'd probably say, "Shoulda sent me a bigger check sooner dude if you wanted the flier with the fake niggra love child and the gay boyfriend on it. Besides, you're a Democrat in name, and that's enough for me to dump you after loads of blow jobs! Gotta run, looks like Giuliani may be in trouble and Ralph Reed needs a bit of pumping up!"

drbopperthp said...

Oooooo Karena! That is just so ice cold-blooded and so very much beneath you to speak of our Beloved Senator Joe like this.

Do it again - please!! Do it again SugahMomma! Talk dirty about Ol' Joe BabyGirl - you gettin' me so hot!!! I need a votin' booth - fast!!!

Eli said...

Send... more... paranedics...

Karen McL said...

Somehow I find it hard to CARE one iota bout ole carpetbagger Joe or his travails.

Just can't get up the energy. (But Dang hard to imagine him as a VEEP..Bleh!)

Anonymous said...

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