Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Credibility Depression.

I’ve Fallen! And I can’t shut up!

In the spirit of this quote by Mark Twain (approximated by me, since I can’t seem to find the exact wording) --

"I joined the Confederate Army for two weeks, and then deserted. And the Confederacy fell."

-- I think it is time to explain how I took down the Bush Administration.


I began this blog in March of 2005.

This was just after George Dubya Bush interrupted another month-long Crawford vacation with Tope the Magic Flagon to mule it back to D.C. with his constitution snippers cached in his rectum at the behest of his Christopath Overlords.

Measured in style points, The Schiavo Mob Action was nothing new; it has always been S.O.P. for the G.O.P. to let the vociferous scum that is their “base” do the Party of Lincoln doggy-style while they dispatch their roves and trolls and henchmen to horse-head anyone that tries to pull the curtain back on their diseased little odium-orgy.

(As it turns out, it is an immensely profitable enterprise to specialize in daubing pancake makeup onto the Administration’s open, running, chancres and syphilis sores just before they make another round of speeches denouncing the ethical promiscuity of everyone else.

And a sweet buck can be turned by being one of the guys who puts a rove Teflon-jacketed slug through the skulls of all the inconvenient boys and girls that point out that the Emperor is not only Bared-Assed Naked, but Knee-Walking Drunk.)

But measured in substance points, this was different.

Robbed of all the distracting sound and fury of the 2004 campaign with it’s Swiftboatery, high-decibel gay-bashing and Cheney’s thinly-veiled death-threats against America’s children, the only thing that was clearly audible down there in Jebylvania was the splashing of the Rubicon being crossed.

Of James Dobson emerging into the clear, bright light to explicitly order his minions around like the wait staff.

And the country watched as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate mutated himself into Dobson’s craven, slinking Renfield right before our eyes.

They also watched as George Bush – a man who routinely and conspicuously embeds himself so deeply out on his Plain of Cups that he could not bestir himself from his fake Texas ranch for actual disasters before or since – nonetheless shouted out “How High, Sir!!!” when Dobson said, “Jump, boy.” and leaped all the way across the continent in the middle of the night to do his master’s bidding.

This apparently came as a shock to Moderate Republicans, who one must therefore assume have been living for the last 40 years in papier machet shanties made of pulped copies of “Atlas Shrugged”, doing nothing but watching reruns of “Hazel”.

Mere weeks before, Bush had been the man who nearly kept Dick Cheney awake during his Second Innaugural by repeating the word “Freedom” four-hundred-and-seventeen-thousand-times.

Bush, was Mr. Mandate. Mr. Political Capital. A chief executive fronting himself of to the fawning fourth estate as so politically well-hung that he could not risk turning around abruptly in the White House lest his mighty wang knock the busts and portraits of former Presidents clean off the wall.

So how did the Bush poll numbers look after a mere eleven days of hardball blogging?

Bush's Poll Position Is Worst on Record
Second Terms are Tough, and No President Has Banked Less Political Capital for the Fights Ahead

By Terry M. Neal Staff Writer
Monday, April 11, 2005; 8:29 AM

With apologies to George Tenet, the first 100 days of President Bush's second term have been no slam-dunk.

How rough has it been? Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in his second term, according to Gallup polls going back to World War II.

Bush's erosion of support among independents in particular has helped bring his overall approval rating down to 45 percent. Forty-nine percent disapprove of his performance.

Compare Bush's Gallup numbers taken in late March to poll numbers taken at the same point in the presidencies of the six previous men who served two terms:

Clinton: 59 percent approval versus 35 percent disapproval

Reagan: 56 percent versus 37 percent disapproval

Nixon: 57 percent versus 34 percent

Johnson: 69 percent versus 21 percent

Eisenhower: 65 percent versus 20 percent

Truman: 57 percent versus 24 percent

True enough, Bush's numbers weren't all that high to begin with. In the last Gallup poll before the election, he was at 48 percent approval to 47 percent disapproval -- yet he still won and helped his party in the process.

This man whose testicles were apparently so massive and brassy that they each rated their own Secret Service detail had now clearly show himself to be the poseable POTUS Barbie Doll of the Dominionists.

Then came his Summer of Sheehan, as Bush hid out in Panic Room One from the lone mother of a fallen soldier petitioning the man that had put her son into danger for a few, clear answers.

And again Bush dispatched his muscle to beat up on yet another Inconvenient Woman. Again he ran away, and again the Moderates had the nerve to act surprised. As if George Bush has ever been anything but a coward his whole life. As if beating up on the weak isn’t the only political trick in his bag, and the only reason he occupies any office higher than State Lottery Commissioner.

So then came the August numbers as reported in the Wall Street Journal, with emphasis added…

This is a decline from two months ago, when the president's ratings were 45% positive and 55% negative. The war in Iraq and the economy climbed to the top of a list of issues Americans say are most important for the U.S. to address. Social Security declined sharply.

At the same time, Vice President Dick Cheney's approval ratings slipped to 35% from 38% in June, while Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's approval ratings dropped to 40% from 42%. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the only cabinet member whose approval ratings rose, to 57% from 52% in June.

And after August came the national tragedy of Katrina, and the national travesty of the Bush Administration’s response to the disaster.

Then came Harriet Meirs, and Dubya hanging his dick waaaay out over the plate and declaring her to be the “most qualified person” in the nation to sit on the Supreme Court. And again the Religious Right calls Dubya on the Jebus Phone and ORDERS the President of the United State back the fuck off.

And, again, Dubya folds up like origami and capitulates completely.

And now, almost exactly one year ago to the day that molerats swarmed out of their warrens in their millions – flushed to the polls by gay bashing amendments and the promise by Dick Cheney that, if you didn’t vote Bush/Cheney, your kid’s would probably be murdered in their sleep – the Bush Administration sits in a pool of it's own filth and loudly wonders who they can find to blame for their plight.

Here are the numbers...

Bush's Job Approval Hits New Low
Nov. 3, 2005
(CBS) Tempers cooled a bit in Washington today after the partisan meltdown that brought Senate business to a halt Tuesday.

Even so, neither Congress nor the White House will find much in a new CBS News poll to put them in a better humor. President Bush's job approval has reached the lowest level yet. Only 35 percent approve of the job he's doing.


Congress is rated even lower. Only 34 percent approve of its work.

Vice President Cheney has never been as popular as the president, but his favorable rating is down nine points this year to just 19 percent.

So where does the White House go from here? Mr. Bush is finding no shortage of advice, reports CBS News White House correspondent John Roberts.

The plunge in poll numbers is another dose of bad news for a White House mired in it. The only recent president lower at this point in their second term was Richard Nixon.

What's behind the slide? Two thousand war dead in Iraq, an indictment in the CIA leak, the aborted nomination of Harriet Miers, and the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina.

"The president I think has bottomed out. I think last week was the bottom," said Ken Duberstein, who worked in the team that Ronald Reagan brought in to help recover from the Iran-Contra scandal. Duberstein wrote a prescription for change in today's New York Times.

I actually agree with Ken Duberstein (who, like any hooker that wants to make the rent, will say whatever the client scrawls on the napkin and tells him to say) on one point: there is an irreducible minimum number of Americans who are so hopelessly, mentally and morally decomposed that it literally does not matter what Dubya does, they will always side with him in the end.

Strafe a pack of snuggly puppies while singing “Wake Up, Little Susie”? Throw burning kittens at homeless children? Beat pregnant women with prosthetic limbs pilfered from wounded veterans? About 1/3 of this country would find a way to call such things “Strong Leadership in Troubled Times.”

These critters are often found being led away in their stained-wifebeater-and-steel-bracelet-combos on “Cops”.

Or blotting out the Sun with their CGI-halo-hair, playing the Body of Christ like a shrieking accordion while bilking addled widows and the terminally ill out of their house coats and life savings.

Or slipping a crisp, white, sheet-and-pillowcase set on over their stained wifebeaters and going out with a few friends to throw cinderblocks off of Democracy’s overpass and into the multicultural rush hour of American civilization.

Or thumb-bending the truth until it passes out on major television networks.

Or tapping out columns with a See-N-Spell for the New York Times.

Then came Scooter, and the revelation that the entire U.S. foreign policy – from pre-invasion lying to post-invasion treason -- really is run by Dick Cheney and his Privateers, while the Bicycle Chief pedals around Texas apparently looking for Osama, WMD’s…and Nicole Brown
Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s real murderers.

And now here we are in November

Poor approval ratings add to Bush's hurdles

Second-term agenda, '06 elections at risk

By Caren Bohan, Reuters | November 5, 2005

WASHINGTON -- A poll indicating rising doubts among Americans about President Bush's integrity has raised a new hurdle to the fresh start he is seeking after the indictment of a senior White House aide and other political woes.

A week after vice presidential aide Lewis Libby resigned and was indicted on charges related to the leaking of a CIA operative's identity, an ABC News/Washington Post poll indicated that less than half of Americans viewed Bush as trustworthy and honest. The president's overall approval rating dropped to a new low of 39 percent.

''That's a very ominous sign for Bush," Ross Baker, professor of political science at Rutgers University, said of the integrity rating. Bush ran for office in 2000 with a pledge to uphold ''honor and dignity" in the presidency after former President Bill Clinton's impeachment scandal.

A CBS poll Wednesday put Bush's job approval rating at 35 percent, his lowest since taking office in 2001.

Baker said such numbers could portend difficulties for Republican congressional candidates in the 2006 midterm elections as well as for Bush's effectiveness in pushing his second-term agenda.

In Virignia... (Continued from above)

Virginia's Republican candidate for governor, Jerry Kilgore, declined to attend a Bush speech in his state last week, but the White House said Bush would make an election-eve stop next Monday in the tight race seen as a potential national bellwether.

In California…

President Bush's approval rating among California voters hit an all-time low as his Supreme Court nominee foundered and an indictment was prepared against a senior White House aide on charges relating to the CIA leak investigation, according to a Field Poll released today.

The poll found increasing percentages of Republicans unhappy with Bush's effort on issues ranging from the war in Iraq to the economy.

"I think there has been an overarching re-evaluation of Bush among some members of his own party,'' said pollster Mark DiCamillo.

Six in 10 voters surveyed disapprove of the job Bush is doing, while just 34 percent approve.

The results track closely with a national AP-Ipsos poll that showed 59 percent of those surveyed disapproved of Bush's job performance, while 37 percent approved.

Sixty-four percent of California voters surveyed in the Field Poll say they don't like the way Bush is handling the war in Iraq. There is a significant partisan divide over the issue, but the latest poll found that 38 percent of Republicans rated the president poorly on the Iraq war. Eighty-four percent of Democrats opposed his Iraq policies.

Only 34 percent of California voters said Bush can be trusted, while 65 percent said they have doubts or reservations about his trustworthiness.

In (believe it or not) Minnesota…

In St. Paul mayoral race, the biggest issue is ... Bush
Democratic incumbent Randy Kelly endorsed the president last fall - a move that could cost him reelection Tuesday.

By Amanda Paulson | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

ST. PAUL, MINN. - By all conventional wisdom, the mayor's race here in Minnesota's capital city should be an easy win for first-term incumbent Randy Kelly.

Unemployment is low, property taxes haven't gone up, new development has come in, and most residents are happy with the direction the city is headed. A sitting mayor hasn't lost a reelection bid here in more than three decades.

But if the polls are right, Mayor Kelly faces not just defeat but a trouncing in Tuesday's election. He was defeated in the open primary by nearly a 2-to-1 margin, and the latest poll has him trailing his opponent, former city council member Chris Coleman, 66 percent to 25 percent. Kelly's mistake?

This moderate Democrat endorsed President Bush last November.

There are the natural peaks and valleys through which every person travels, but this is something else entirely.

Remember, this is an Administration that was falling like a stone before the election and only found a way to prop itself up long enough to totter across the re-election finish line because it had a blank check to cover the expenses of its Two Minutes Hate campaign…and an enemy to slime and shiv and use to distract it’s own voters.

The GOP hasn’t just hit a bad patch: they’ve “lost the room.”

If, in economics, the definition of recession is a period of a mere two quarters of negative GDP growth, what is going on inside the GOP right now can only be described as a full-on Depression.

A Credibility Depression.

A Leadership Depression.

An Integrity Depression.

And in ways that are virtually identical to Republican Herbert Hoover’s response to the Great Depression, the GOP’s response to the calamity their own policies have created is to freeze up, do nothing, and hope it’ll all just blows over, even though that path leads to ruin.


Because they are ideologically bound on all sides.

Because like the Christopaths that ate their Party, Republicans are congenitally unable to admit error. They would literally rather let the country go to rot than acknowledge a mistake and change course. And like the duty-shirking coward that leads them, and the inept cronies with which he has infected the entire Federal Government like bone cancer, the GOP will spend millions on scapegoats, but not one cent on solutions.

Hoover’s failure to deal decisively with the Great Depression effectively killed the Republican Party for a generation. Eisenhower brought it back, but with a humane and moderate touch that this generation of anti-American Gingrich and Falwell Republicans have completely repudiated, and now the brighter among them are beginning to dimly perceive the size and shape of the pit into which Bush has led them.

Because they can’t get rid of him.

If instead of yapping about it, the GOP really ran the government (which they now completely control) like a business, George W. Bush would have been out on his ass in April. He has bankrupted the United States in every way conceivable, blow his performance evaluation worse than any other man in modern history for four quarters in a row, and has presented no turnaround plan to the Board beyond three more years of the same corruption, deception and bumblefuckery that got us here in the first place.

And there is no way to get him the hell off the stage.

Their Chickenhawk-in-Chief has become a 500-pound albatross hanging around the neck of the Republicans Party.

And every fucking day for the next three years, the Cult-of-Bush wing of the Party that looooves the sweet smell of that putrefaction will bind the hopes and dreams of the Moderates deeper and deeper into the Hoover Box and drive the GOP further and further towards self-annihilation and extinction.

"I started a blog in March.
Blogged the GOP for seven months.
And the Republican Party fell."

Glad I could help.

And hey, I couldnt'a done it without 'cha! ;-)


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Sir, we're not worthy! (bows in total respect and admiration).

Now, it's time for me to take out the Democratic Enablers of the GOP, better known as the Democratic Leadership Council...:-)

chautauqua said...

Extrapolating this line of thought sees the smirking homunculus careening the tattered remnants of the republican SUV righteously in exactly the wrong direction in six-lane rush hour traffic, the moderates in the back with seatbelts jammed and the childproof doorlocks firmly shut, their little mouths open in tiny O's of terror. No one can hear their screams over the radio, which is up to full volume with 24/7 xtian radio bombast, and, any hot second now, an 18 wheeler is coming the other way with no intention of losing this game of chicken.....

Hopefully, in the next six months or so.

jurassicpork said...

Damn, DG, life is too short for your blog posts, sometimes. I gotta read this wheh I have more time. Like, when I retire.

In the meantime, here's a game and my pal Generik's pal Scaramouche came up with:

Find your 23rd blog posting. Find the fifth sentence of that post and tell us all what it is. Then pick five people to spread this meme.

Mine was almost like a non sequitor. It doesn't really say much each and of itself without context. I have thought up a lot of good lines since I started my blog this past January but this wasn;t one of them.

maurinsky said...

Keep writing, Drifty! Let's see how low the numbers can go!

MAC said...

Re: Jericho - "And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram's horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat, and the people shall ascend up every man straight before him."

Blow, Drifty, blow.

freq flag said...

If only poll numbers translated to votes...

Ay, there's the rub!

Anonymous said...

Actually to add to freq flag. If votes were actually verifiably counted. The reason that Bush is not off center stage is previsely because the repubs think they have the ace in the whole ala vore counting. Check out California where Arnold courts popular disaster. Why does he do it? Becuase he knows the secretary of state has stepped down and been replaced with a TEAM PLAYER. And that unless the dems are really paying attention he can pull a mickey from the vote count. If the dems aren;t ready for bear tommorrow California is gonna be lookin awful red.

Charles2 said...

Another great post; but "bumblefuckery"... that's genius!!

pablo's old dog said...

Every post sports a new phrase or word that is pure genius as charles2 states above. But "bumblefuckery" is word wonderment.

scout said...

Drifty - it is interesting that the voodoo that you do so well began around the same time as the Schiavo mis-step. Because I have come to realize (in hindsight, of course) that the Terri incident was the first smell-the-coffee moment for many in America who had hit the snooze button too many times. There are no such things as coincidences, I always say.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous commenter. The Republicans are not going anywhere, nor will they implode. They control the voting process. "upset victories" will continue to defy polling findings for the foreseeable future. The Dems will continue to roll over and pretend democracy still exists in the empire. BILLIONS of dollars are at stake here, you think the Republicans will just shake hands and say ''good game'? They are in this to control everything and elections mean nothing. They will kill without the slightest hesitation, let alone jigger a few key vote counts whenever necessary.

Bush would win re-election tomorrow. And people will just swallow it. Because the alternative is too scary.

It is not just the Christofascists who have their heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Things seem bad for the Republicans now but jeez, remember Iran Contra? that looked pretty bad too. and yet, St. Ronnie managed to pull that one out and make Ollie North a folk hero.

2004 was "Vote Republican or 9/11 will happen again while fags marry - let's kill them all." The Democratic slogan was "A Stronger America".

2006 is going to be "Vote republican or mexicans will gay marry in your town - let's kill them all together." The Democratic slogan will be "America can do better".

2008 is going to be "Vote republican or 3/16 will happen again while fags gay marry mexicans and abort white babies - let's kill them all again - there's a few left". The Democratic slogan will be "Let's get better mileage."

Tanbark said...

Where's them fukkin' repeatable smilefaces??? :o) :o) :o)!!!!

Lurch said...

Damn, Drifty----- I think you said it all.

Anonymous said...

About at this point into his second term, when Clinton was doing his best Peter North impersonation(s) I think the polls were about 65% approve, 37% diss. Now, just reverse the numbers and apply to the Smirkin' Murken... and voila! the answer is clear.

About 2/3s of Americans love Hummers, the other 1/3 have to compensate by driving garrish SUVs.

justme said...

All hail mighty Driftglass lest ye face his wrath!

Fledermaus said...

You're doing the Lord's work, Drifty.

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly's endorsement last year is really inexplicable. I mean Bush was hardly cruising to a crushing victory, in fact almost everyone agreed that Bush's star was fading fast. Why ANY urban mayor would look at Bush and think "There's someone I want to be associated with" I can never say, it's not like the exurbs vote in mayoral elections.

Meanwhile in an election between two Democrats (like the St Paul one) The fact that one of them endorsed Bush makes the decision all too easy without having to bother with finding out about other positions. It's a handy little shortcut that says everything you need to know about Kelly. He's doomed.

StealthBadger said...

Heh, here in Virginia, it's funny. The GOP has a stronghold here, but they're doing their very best to run a reprise of the election where they ran the one Republican in the state who could not defeat Chuck Robb. That being Ollie North, the man whose claim to fame is that he "allegedly" was sneaky enough to sell weapons to terrorists, then give the money to other terrorists, all behind Ronnie Regan's back. But they were the good terrorists, of course. Even though some of them were in Iran.

Kilgore has a lot of credibility here (unfortunately), and he's doing his best to soak it in napthalene and set it ablaze.

And his supporters are doing their best to inadvertantly stoke the flames.

An Angry Old Broad said...

If there actually were a fair and honest media Drifty,you would be a wealthy writer by now.I laugh,I cry,I pound the desk and yell,oh it's deee-licious.Few writers actually knock the wind out of me,or elicit obvious physical responses.You're all over this shit man,nailing it DOWN perfect,or damned close.

You are indeed doing the work of the gods man,keep at it,it's impactful,big time, to alot of us.If I ever feel like tossing in the towel,I just pop over here and I'm over it before the end of the first paragraph.Thanks.Seriously.

meeskite said...

Driftglass, you rule.

Pithy and profane, you explain it all the way it needs to be told.

Onward, keep it going, way to go, and everything else.

jurassicpork said...


I hear that in VA, they're already reporting voting machine, DIEBOLD-related irregularities.

Ohio, too.

Fancy that...

Blue Gal said...

Kay this post wins the latest "Don't Sugarcoat It" award from Blue Gal. The award will be posted later this week; I'll email you when it happens. Congratulations and keep the faith.

Blue Gal

jurassicpork said...

Feel honored, Drifty. I won the award last time for my "Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership."

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!!!!, The dickheads LOST TUESDAY!!!!!!!, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Ces avantages: -1 seul num�ro utilisable � partir de n'importe quel t�l�phone, n'importe o� dans le monde. Ceci est tr�s avantageux pour les personnes qui voyagent beaucoup du fait de leur travail, ou pour celles vivant dans un pays pas tr�s d�velopp� en mati�re de t�l�communication par exemple.
- communication tr�s nette, contrairement au VOIP (=par liaison internet, ce qui n'est pas du tout satisfaisant!!)
- Beaucoup moins couteux qu'un appel classic
- C'est vous qui d�cidez combien et quand vous voulez recharger en terme de temps de communication ( par le biais de carte bancaire ou autre)
En ce qui me concerne, j'en fais l'exp�rience en ce moment, et c'est un secteur en pleine expansion ( je distribue des acc�s surtout � des chefs d'entreprises, parcourrant la plan�te, ce qui leur permet d'�tre joint � n'importe quel moment sur un m�me num�ro!)
Je cible surtout l'Afrique en g�n�ral, et j'ai vu mon chiffre d'affaires exploser en quelques mois!
Si vous �tes int�ress�s, vous pouvez contacter Mr Corona de ma part (johanna), par mail � l'adresse
Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez aussi vous r�f�rer au site http://www.miamitelecom.com
Je vous recommande de vous y int�resser, cela peut vous rapporter gros!!!
Pour finir, et juste pour info, la soci�t� � ouvert un autre d�partement qui vaut le d�tour: http://www.miamicall.usvoip
Bien � vous.

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