Friday, May 24, 2019

05/24/2019: The Week in Review

We live during the reign of a racist madman whose reign continues because he has the support of 60 million other racist madmen, a vast and well-funded racist madman propaganda machine, and a Quisling Beltway media who would rather eat their own heads than admit this is true.

And long after the madman in the White House is gone, the 60 million will still be with us, the racist madman propaganda machine will still be firing on all cylinders, and the Quisling Beltway media will still be a Republican footstool.  And unless they are collectively, politically neutered, they will go right on and finish the job of laying waste to whatever is left of our democracy.

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Robt said...

How many times have you heard politicians or beltway media bladder leak about the notions as, "it is not bean bag" or " politics is a team sport" or "politics is a tough sport and if you cannot take a hit or hit hard you can't compete".

There are a ton of analogies of sports and politics.

One which receives the least recognition is, when a fielded team is winning. many will jump on the bandwagon of support of fan-ship.

When that team fields a poor performing team that cannot "win". Their support goes down. and ticket sales drop. Adding to the demise of the team.

What is lost in this, government is not a sport (shouldn't be).

Just as anyone who has played the game of Monopoly would understand. Competition and winner take all may be a nice playful past time. it might be great win your team is winning.

But freedom prescribed by our government cannot be reduced to winner take all and everyone else are not included. And this is decided in 2 year increments for the House of representatives, 6 year increments for the Senate and 4 year increments for the presidency.

When the goal of being on a team is greater than representing the people.
promoting and marketing your team, Bribing referees to assist the winning image and so forth.
That is not A Government By the People and For the People.

This is Citizens United, Corporations are people and you are a resource to propagandize to reap votes to perpetuate the corporate plantation ownership.

Where the one person that wins at the game of Monopoly, shall always be the winner.
The rest of the players are forced to play in the amusement and benefit of the only winner.

mjs said...

Sort of like Masterpiece Theater but with a nasty case of sepsis. The original infection was slavery and Jesus, which later morphed into MAGA. It is good to review the state of the state, if only to understand why the ship lurches about so much.

Thank you for continuing to point your camera at the wreckage.