Friday, October 19, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #463

“The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps."
-- Robert Benchley

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dinthebeast said...

Fifty million in income. Makes me think of that Lewis Black bit where he said he didn't understand why the employees of the company whose CEO had stolen millions of company dollars to build a golf course in his back yard didn't rise as one and slay him.
The Google says that Jerry Brown only has four million himself, speculates over what his wife may have, and notes that he still has fifteen million in his campaign fund, which, since he doesn't seem to be running for anything now at eighty years old, I really hope he finds some Democrats to help elect with.
I think he can do that, right?
I passed up the opportunity to see Barbara Lee debate her challenger, who is from the Green Party, so as to not make an ass of myself in public, and because the Greens are a local outfit around these parts who spend their time doing things like being mayor of Richmond CA (which has seen its homicide rate plummet to a tiny fraction of what it used to be) and supporting worthy Democrats instead of ruining their chances of getting elected.
Remember that if everyone who voted for third party candidates in 2000 and 2016 had voted for the Democrat who actually had a chance, the supreme court would be 7-2 now in favor of the sane.
And speaking of sanity, thank you again for the podcast and its weekly role in propping up mine and Briana's.
I don't have any money to give you, but I'll try to send you another cat picture as soon as we can get a good one of our current kitty.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

The female vote.

I admit has promise And I stand with it in my vote. Apparently I must be in touch with some feminine side as a male.
As our government reflecting more women per male in government. Yes, too often the bias between a male and a female candidate is masturbated and used as a campaign weapon for a male.

I have been in too many life experiences where a woman in authority positions performed just as good if not better than a man. In the work place, with management in the workplace, in the military.

When I hear so much of the women running for elections this round. Much hype and rhetoric is rampant.

There is the ignored vulnerable notions of women .
There are the Carly Fiorinas? Who in business achieves CEO status and finds herself willing to perform so badly, she actually does the immoral business dealings even further than a corrupted selfish male CEO would. To prove as a woman in Authority position she too can be a ruthless competitor and Jepeto Puppet.
The women of the Senate viewed the same Kavanaugh as I did. Even setting aside the accusations of DR. Ford (in which getting the truth was not the show). But ensuring with the heaviest hand of GOP controlled government and money power, to present it as an "Apprentice episode" providing the "He said/ she said", No facts here excuse to vote in such a disgusting manner. Justified by their "I believe" lie. It was Kavanaugh's very poor behavior displayed, his incredible lack of who and what he says under pressure. So much more.

With that said, Female Senators,
Collins, Fischer, Earnst (republican women) voted to prove they were just as viably vile as a republican male senator. They can succumb to party leadership, the big money and their fascist base.

They insulated themselves from classes of Americans. If the woman's right to abortion is overturned, (in states or even the entire nation). They are ensured of the insulation for themselves and their friends and family. They have the ability to be Elliot Broidy and use his affluence (money) to get the abortion on demand he wants for as many mistresses he can afford.

There is marsha Blackburn in Tenn.. Mcsally in Arizona.
I will vote for many women in this election.
But the Mcsally and Black burns are just Lindsey Graham out of the closet.

An awful lot has been reported of the rash of male house members under the influence of Viagra hard ons and all their sexual harassment. That can only be paid off in settlements with tax dollars.

Many in form of extra marital affairs (end and lead to harassing treatment) It takes a Woman and a man to engage (for the most).

So, women can be in positions of leadership with the GOP and enable ontogeny as much as their GOP male counter parts.

So why would GOP women need to hold positions of power/ authority when their male GOPers do just fine. Why have a woman mimic them?

My biased perception is that women running (and in these positions) that are free of Conservative chains on the other sides, (can't omit those Independents). Shall have the actual authority and self confidence to not just draw their own conclusions from presenting facts, but to critically think and use that authority themselves and not as the token or as a bludgeon to prove they can be more than a man.