Friday, July 13, 2018

Disgraced, Irrelevant Troll O'Reilly is the Best O'Reilly


dinthebeast said...

Yeah, it concerns you so greatly that you facilitated it most of your miserable life.

-Doug in Oakland

Vincent Daniels said...

Stop yelling at the mirror O'Reilly dear. People are starting to stare.

Robt said...

How long did BillO have prime time to present "news" but, "instead routinely insulted and deceived by ideology masquerading as news".

We have the video to prove it.

Every time BillO called for the death of Dr. Tiller, another devil underling earned his pitch fork.
Makes you wonder of BillO, Has he visited the grave of Tiller or visited his executioner in prison?
This, just one itota of BillO's memory lane of which he accuses "the Media" of.
We can see, after falling from Bullshit Mountain, the deceit arena BillO has resided projects he words of value from the sewers of right wing world.