Thursday, May 31, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: Bloody Bill Kristol

Unrepentant Republican Iraq War Pimp and Sarah Palin hype-man, Bill Kristol, continues to survive one Republican-triggered catastrophe after another because he is a perfect Beltway parasite. 

Mr. Kristol know's perfectly well the key to his continued success despite being spectacularly wrong about everything all the time lies in the fact that that his fellow Beltway frauds are every bit as ideologically cornered as any MAGA-hat wearing meathead.  Sure, during the Age of Trump they can no longer simply pretend that the Right isn't unhinged racist trash from top to bottom, but they also cannot afford to be seen whispering that, just maybe, the Left was right about the Right all along. 

Because this is true and because there are gargantuan fortunes and egos at stake, Mr. Kristol also knows that it does not matter how many times the whole Centrist/No Labels/Both Siderist cottage industry is exposed as grotesque and toxic farce. 

Mr. Kristol knows that there will always be an opulent Beltway sinecure and a cloak of respectability for anyone who willing to sing the Siren's Song of Both Siderism. 

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cvmbner said...

Aha-- but the real questions are:

1) Who are these "Republicans for the rule of law"? I think they may only exist as a side effect of all the model-airplane glue you huffed as a child.

2) Will these same "Republicans" also support Trump's specious counter-investigations into Clinton/Obama because BOTHSIDESBOTHSIDESBOTHSIDES?

RUKidding said...

"Republicans for the Rule of Law want to let the investigation continue without interference so we can discover the truth."

So, Bloody Bill Kristol, care to name a few names of these so-called "Republicans for the Rule of Law"?? I'd love to know who they are. Because from where I sit, I don't see any, including Bloody Bill Kristol, himself, who's using weasle words here and NOT emphatically stating that HE definitely wants the investigation to continue. Nay, verily, he assigns it to "Republicans for the Rule of Law." Is that Club? OR what? Who can join? Fat white men only?

Also duly noted that this fap-weasle doesn't DARE (coward!) to include the dastardly DemoRATS or ignorant Independents in the his little cabal called "Republicans for the Rule of Law," as IF this vaunted - but likely nowhere in evidence - cult are the ONLY ones who are on the right side of justice or something.

What a WANKER.

Go fuck yourself, Kristol. YOU'RE the one who INFLICTED the Tundra Twat on all of us (for the idiotic starbursts you got looking at her lame ass countenance, you betcha), which led directly to this Nazi Traitor White Supremacist sexist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic dumbass ignoramus getting into MY White House.

Potomacker said...

uh, know's?

There was a time when I couldn't turn on C-Span without seeing his ugly mug blathering above his weight class. I am compelled to conclude that he is unkillable, a zombie, if you will, still riding along on his daddy's greasy coattails.

Neo Tuxedo said...

for the idiotic starbursts you got looking at her lame ass countenance, you betcha

Actually, the starbursts were in Rich Lowry's shorts, not Butcher Bill's.

RUKidding said...

To Neo Tuxedo -

Ok. Rich Lowry had the starbursts, but one could argue that Bloody Bill had 'em, too. Kristol is certainly one of the prime movers to get the Snowbilly Grifter on the ticket.

"Why does Kristol get so much Palin blame? By October 2008, Palin's vice-presidential candidacy looked so disastrous that The New Yorker published an explainer for how she got to be picked as McCain's running mate in the first place. Jane Mayer pegged Kristol as the No. 1 culprit. A circle of Republican commentators had developed a political crush on Sarah Palin during a luxury cruise to Alaska in 2007, she reported. Kristol was her "most ardent promoter… and his enthusiasm became the talk of Alaska's political circles." By the summer of 2008, Kristol was campaigning for McCain to pick Palin both on camera and behind the scenes. His endorsements were over the top: She was "fantastic," good at basketball, not just potentially a good veep but "an effective president" too, "like Andrew Jackson," and his "heartthrob." He couldn't take it if McCain didn't pick her: "I don’t know if I can make it through the next three months without her on the ticket." At one point, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said, "Can we please get off Sarah Palin?"

Despite Kriston's weaseling away from Caribou Barbie NOW, he was ardently recommending her as POTUS material THEN.

I stand by starbursts...