Monday, May 14, 2018

driftglass vs. SPECTRUM

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If nothing changes, in the future, this is what the spectrum of political opinion as presented by the corporate media will look like.

On the "Right", unrepentant Trump lackeys.

On the "Left", unreconstructed Bush Regime Dead Enders who are fundamentally soft and weak and prefer the dirty work of their depraved politics to be discretely jobbed out to Lee Atwater or Rick Wilson or Karl Rove of Rush Limbaugh and not flaunted in all it's bloody, racist splendor on the White House lawn.

The plum job of "moderating" these puppet shows will be gifted to hard-core Both Siderists, whose eyes will be perpetually dewy with nostalgia for the Good Old Days of George W. Bush --
George W. Bush reminds us how decent leaders sound
--  and which the Beltway Pundit Hegemony manufactures --
‘Americans are Being Held Hostage and Terrorized by the Fringes’
An exit interview with the American Enterprise Institute’s Arthur Brooks.

And what of actual Democrats?  Those tens of millions of Liberals on the actual Left? 

With a single snap of the Beltway Pundit Infinity Gauntlet, as far as the corporate media is concerned, outside of Rob Reiner in old reruns of All in the Family, we won't exist at all. 

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Habitat Vic said...

Not sure that we Liberals - our messaging, agenda setting power - really exist that much within the Democratic Party. Latest example that has been driving me crazy recently is the "don't mention impeachment" advice that Pelosi/Schumer/etc are pushing. Smart, canny politics, don't you know. A tactic endorsed by highly paid DC consultants.

Ah yes, I remember Pelosi saying impeachment (of W and his war-enabling, torture cronies) was "off the table" after the 2008 election. Boy that sure bought the Dems a ton of good will from the Republicans. Obama was sworn in at noon that January, and the R's had a private dinner 8 hours later vowing to oppose any and everything the Dems would do.

And speaking of not learning lessons, the Dems have a good half century of Lucy pulling the football, yet they still won't go after the Republicans. Nixon torpedoes the Paris peace talks in Oct '68 so the Dems won't win the election. Delays US withdrawal four years, costing another 30K+ lives lost. Actual fucking treason, costing American lives for political gain. Dems let him slide. Sure, made him resign over Watergate, but his VP pardoned him. Reagan and his deal with Iran delaying hostage release. In return for anti-tank missiles. And money sent to civilian-killing Contras in violation of US/Congressional law. Treason once again. Meh, gotta look forward. Besides, letting the Republicans off the hook meant they would be nice to the next Dem President, Bill Clinton. Who they impeached for lying about a blowjob.

Far and away my number once hope is that we get Trump out of office. Soon. However, at least once in my entire life I would like to see Dems actually hold Repubs responsible for the treason/corruption/crimes they commit.

Robt said...

What should it matter what Trump thinks or says, at his age he is not long to be around anyways. !!

They do not understand how transparent their footing atop of Bullshit mountain is clearly seen by everyone that that has not acquired a taste for licking as holes.
All the GOP tears and fears of what political correctness was doing to America.
As in the black president is coming for you. That there are no bounds of demonizing him or any moderate notion toward him.
And now, a GOP that extended it's demonizing of others not just in public punitive hate ingestion. They cry over criticism of one of their own that criticizing another of their own.

While making feeble attempt to hold the opposite position that their critics and enemies (fellow Americans that disagree with them and their corruption. Need to be POLITE, RESPECTFUL AND compromise.

Reagan IS DEAD, his 11th commandment is buried with him. To be exhumed when marketing needs it.

How do they get the hate the PC crowd to lemur walk in demand everyone be politically correct to Trump.
Because your just hateful, Trump bashing mean animals that need to be put down.
Did you hear publicly. Any republican crying tears of the coal miner exec (killer of 29 convict) Cry out for him to be nice to "Cocaine Mitch? Did the GOP raise any issues with the Chiana people?
Little Marco and Mr small hands is the rage of the republican religious right.
They own it.
They voted with it, stand with it and enable it.
Trump is the poster boy of the religious right and there is no time for the political correctness in the matter.
They seem to worship Judas over Jesus.

I expect the future video of the networks will be Bill Kristol on the left of the screen, Hannityin the Center and Bill Kristol of the right side of the screen.
Now lets have a open, honest debate?

dinthebeast said...

"George W. Bush reminds us how decent leaders sound"

I'm not even on Twitter, but I know that this was savaged there.

-Doug in Oakland

VonWenk said...

@Habitat Vic, I'd like to see the Democrats hold Republicans responsible for their actions(assuming they get control of at least one branch of government ever again), but Chuck Schmumer's and other Democrats' unconditional support of Trump's moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, for me, feeds into the both-siderist narrative. In other words, I'm losing hope.

Qahir Makhani said...

George W. Bush is what an illegitimate President looks like* FIFY

Qahir Makhani said...

Chuck and Nancy need to go