Friday, April 20, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #437

"The press is supposed to watch the powerful. And not throw in with them."
-- Roger Ailes
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Neo Tuxedo said...

"The press is supposed to watch the powerful. And not throw in with them."
-- Roger Ailes

That Jabba Hemophiliac Ailes was not immediately imploded by the crushing weight of the irony involved in him, of all alleged people, saying those words would seem to constitute final and clinching proof that it really was God, not his body double, that Freaky Fred Nietzsche found floating face-down in a Baden-Baden mineral bath that fateful day in 1883. And remember, Nietzsche never wore an umpire's suit.

VonWenk said...

I have two moderate-sized gripes:

— As I understand it, misogyny is a hatred of women. Misogyny and chauvinism are not the same thing, and Blue Gal's example of a co-worker elbowing his way into a situation and messing up, as stupid and bad as it might be (especially if he blames the woman for his screw-up instead of taking responsibility for his own actions), doesn't rise to the level of misogyny.

— Laurence O'Donnell, Ruth Marcus, and Jonathan Kapart waxing rhapsodically over the lack of controversy over how great Barbara Bush was. It was nauseating. I thought of DriftGlass' line about memory being liberals' superpower. Sorry, there are three things I associate with Barbara Bush: reading was her pet project as first lady; my thinking in the '80s "Wait! That's his wife? She looks like his mother."; and, most importantly, her comment about the Katrina victims housed in the Super Dome. There must be a distance between speaking ill of the dead and whitewashing the life of someone who raised a son who chuckled over a woman on death row begging for her life, and,as far as I'm concerned, MSNBC wasn't fulfilling its obligations as a news outlet.

You weren't anywhere near whining toward the end of the podcast, Blue Gal. Whining are those Hello Fresh spots. Talk about your first-world problems. "I want to eat healthy. I spend so much money at Whole Foods and let the food go to waste. Waaah!"

jim said...

DNC suing Republicans for electoral dirty pool TWICE in 46 years?!?
So savage!
Lawsuits are the Lugers of Liberal Fascism!!!

dinthebeast said...

I had never heard of Hello Fresh before, but my last job was for a company that did home delivery of organic produce and natural groceries, although from what I can tell, for a better price.
They had a bunch of recipes and meal suggestions on their website so customers could find ways to prepare and eat produce they weren't familiar with.
They're still around, only now they call themselves SPUD, as they were bought by a Canadian company of that name, and I stuck around for the relaunch (with a merger thrown in) until the ten to thirteen hour days that began at midnight finally were too much and I had a stroke.
That was ten years ago today.
Before I sat down to listen to the podcast I walked ten laps around the back yard without using my quad-cane, then watered my friend's potted garden with the hose.
I've come a long way in ten years, it would seem, but still not to the place they call "employed" although I work toward that every damn day.
So when I hear them talk about "getting along" with the rat bastards who want to take away my SSDI and health insurance, that I paid FICA taxes for 32 years for, I kind of don't want to until they stop.

If you want to read something about Babs that pulls no punches, there's a link in Princess Sparkle Pony's twitter feed to something David Rakoff wrote about her that I found to be an antidote to the misty-eyed fluff being pumped out of the media about her.

Thank you again for the podcast, it seems like the crazier things get, the more it helps.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Ever notice how that bothsides argument use is deployed in specific situations?

Take paul manafort, "Can I use this to get whole". Speaking to Russian oligarch in regards to being Trumps campaign manager.
Compared to;
The lack of protecting government secrets. LEAKED: Wikileaks hack reveals John Podesta's secret to creamy Risotto (a truly tasty recipe). Not only do the Russians have it, so does everyone else.

But both sides for this has not been engineered yet.

Hey, Obama had difficulty with Russia and Syria too.

And every fucking time, they will leave out that Obama went to congress for approval. The republican majority would not lput it to a committee vote, let alone a floor debate. yet those same GOPers had some loud unsavory word warts how Obama is weak and such there after.

Doesn't just sort of seem like, Both sider is deployed in behalf of a republican caught on tap from Crime stoppers?

VonWenk said...

@Robt I attended a bowling tournament in Grand Rapids the weekend the U.S., France, and Great Britain bombed Syria in retaliation for the gas attack the weekend before. My hotel room had Fox News, CNN, and ESPN, and Showtime, but not MSNBC or HBO. At the bowling alley, someone in the next set of lanes commented to someone in his party that "at least Trump does what he says he's going to do." Awfully convenient how the media doesn't bring up Obama's seeking authorization from Congress and Congress abrogating its responsibilities. For a minute, I thought I'd confused my countries.

The final indignity of that weekend was the CNN anchor thanking the survivor of a gas attack for his comments on the missile strikes and how it was good to hear his thoughts, and I was thinking no, it wasn't, because under the current administration, over he which he was so fawning, ICE might round up him and his family and deport them and his rationale for why the U.S. should be involved in Syria was apparently based on Spider-Man comics. The stupid, it burns!

Robt said...

Not sure about you folks,
I am hearing , reading the moanings of the talking dead. Take my local paper's Public Pulse. "Leave Trump alone", Democrats need to compromise, Democrats in lock step. Coinciding with the ragged conservative "opinion" section. Where you get Jonah Goldberg, Ingraham, Coulter, to Brooks and any current right extreme talking dead groaner. Sure, you might get an opposing view like one out of 50 articles to you know, keep balance.

It used to be lots of toilet overflowing from FOX exclusively with Billo, Newt, Bloody Bill extravaganza. For some unfortold reason. They have waned. Wonder why? Possibly the young talented rookies from the farm club. With their fresh Tucker Carlson faces. Along with the re branding of cutting the top of a blanket off. Sewing it to the bottom. and the masterful marketing of unlimited money to sell that blanket as New and Improved.

Why won't they "Left" give Trump credit for all the greatness he has bestowed on us?
The left commie Russians only criticize Trump. have nothing good to say and should shut up. Because Free speech and the Constitution.