Friday, March 16, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #432

"I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good."
-- Martin Luther King Jr.
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dinthebeast said...

Kinda amazing how much difference one actual win can make.
I mean, I know what the numbers all say, and the activism is actually getting news coverage in some places, but somewhere in the back of my mind there's a little skeptic who just screams "THEY CHEAT!" every time I start to feel good about our prospects, and only really ever shuts up when a win is actually in the books, even a quasi-symbolic one like PA-18 which is getting split in four come November.
But "we can win" just doesn't pack the punch as "we won."

My High School held a student strike when I was a sophomore in 1976 after the national wave of student protests had broken and things had calmed down.
See, Eureka is the county seat of Humboldt County, and it seems that in 1974 some people were shocked to discover that students at Eureka High were smoking marijuana, and those people reacted to that news by hiring a new dean of students, a man named Ross Moore, who had experience working in big city schools where they had drugs and gangs and everything, so surely he would know how to deal with this outrage, right?
As it turned out, wrong. After he instituted searches of all lockers and all cars in the parking lot, he then started in with the long lens photography of students not even on the campus, and not always during school hours.
We decided this would not do, and called the student strike, and the local media (who were so bored that they jumped right on it) came out on the sunny afternoon on the lawn where a succession of beautiful and intelligent young women spoke clearly about having their civil rights violated by this execrable old man who wasn't doing anything to help their education.
And it worked, he resigned and was replaced by one of the shop teachers.
Never underestimate the political power of an articulate, pissed off, High School cheerleader... Which seems like just as good of advice right now as it was 42 years ago.

Thanks again for the podcast, and congratulations for the school's big win.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

I have had this itch in the mid of my back I cannot reach to scratch. Gonna have to rub against a door jamb to get at it maybe.

Ever since the networks drop Bernie mid rally speech to go to a empty podium awaiting Trump in about 30 minutes.

That itch of the networks filling their time with news ALA Trump.

It is like the networks is a 24/7 Trump trouble buffet.

Barely report on anything else. Actually surprised they got to the Florida school shooting. I mean, Trump was under Stormy weather at the time.

What gets me is how the press slides on those velvet gloves when they approach questions to these Gong Show losers.

Listening to the two of you in the podcast make the best attempts to count the cockroaches scurry away as you quickly turn the lights on them abruptly.

So many to count, so little time and so little light.

Risking blasphemy, I suggest before your next podcast. Stop by the local church and fill up a bottle of Holy water and get the pastor to bless your tongues.. You should not enter a Crusade unarmed or non blessed.

If it be fighting evil with Holy Water or Fighting Fire with Fire Water.

I still have not seen Pence pressed with the Stormy weather. How does VP Pence really feel about David Dennison?

Recall how the press hounded Hillary about Bill,s affair? They even hounded Al Gore to comment on Bill.s sexual behavior when Al was campaigning for president.

jim said...

The judges would also accept calling them The Civil Wrongs Movement.

Turbocharging & leveling up the revolving door in DC = high on Putin Wish List.
Perhaps another pseudo-sponsor should be Donald's New 'n' Improved Lemon-Scented All-Amurick'n Geopolitical Neuticles™ - Down, Down & AWAAAAY!

The "Line Of Death" of going Full Capone on his ass empirically lies smack-dab in the "& other matters that may arise" tail of the mandate the OSP was given when Combover Calgula appointed Mueller to begin with, so many might fondly hope for that particular canard to be the hill that his CHUD lawyers elect to die on.

DeVos will become a cautionary trope, exactly like Bull Connor ... a little TOO exactly.
The first time as tragedy, the second time as existential pure menace in a clown suit.