Friday, February 09, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #427

"Don't get the idea I'm one of those goddam radicals, Don't get the idea I'm knocking the American system."
-- Al Capone
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MedicineMan55 said...

I find myself saying "fake news, sparklefarters" at the end of every podcast. Force of habit, I guess.

dinthebeast said...

I don't know whether it's just me ascribing things that may not really be there to her or not, but Jennifer Rubin just seems so happy to not be on the monster support system team any more that I have a hard time staying mad at her for the whole "upholding the (at the time) worst president and his administration while he destabilizes the Middle East for the rest of my lifetime" thing.
And Richard Painter is hilarious. Not to belittle what he's doing now at all, I mean it's not really his fault that he looks like he just walked of the pages of a late sixties Mad Magazine...
Thanks again for the podcast. You guys are yet another reason that being an Illinois Nazi is just a bad idea.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Br sure to notate that when the GOP says they are not supporting Aurther NAZI. They are allowing him to run under the GOP umbrella. Like Pedophile Moore. They all said they do not support him as they pulled financials and reinstated financial support with Trump missing the ground zero rally point in Florida.
Putting it to rest by quoting our comdedic founders elushi and Akroid, from their country;s most cherished documents of patriotism. The bluse Brothers.

I noticed the biggest loudest never Trumpers who are now the darlings of news.

Trump would not forgive then during the campaign for their dis loyalties to other candidates. They are all mad as a blood sucker Vampire on the rag because Trump has no place for them and that picks their talking head for dollars pockets.
Even Ted the JFK assassin accomplice and his Dad Cruz get in line with Donny to take their turn fitting Putin's penis in one of their orifices with blackmail able photos taken for posterity.

Nothing they said during the campaign is believable and now that they admire and beloved Trump. It is still not believable.

Yet Trump is still pivoting. Every time he attempts to pivot, he chunks up a divot.
Pay attention, it only takes one or two right wing religious leaders to publicly give Trump a mulligan.

And it is all normal and OK for everyone.

--------------- Pivot, Divot and Mulligan------------------------------

The media does this every time....

It is like the S.C. Governor returning from his Appellation trial Argentina squeeze box trip. And getting exposed. It was his pastor that got the head lines. He told the people of S.C. that, "if God forgives him , his wife should and that would mean he stays in office as governor".

Why does the press go and interview Satan worshipers in S.C. and ask them, :how does it make you very devote followers of Satan feel knowing what your governor did and what the pastor of his God says?

It is exactly what they do to liberals.

As our Scotus reflects our times and tribulations with president orangutan by accepting to hear the vitally important case of cake baking and sales as a religious right to discriminate.

These GOP slippery slopes. Will lead to Religious Cake Bakers wanting the fredom from paying their taxes for the religious indignaty brought on them. Knowing their taxes paid to pave the roads and sidewalks that gay people (and others they hate) drive and walk on.

For God's sake, A gay man walked by on the side walk , smack across the front of our store.

I just need to ask Gorsuch one thing before he votes. People that have religious indifference with war have to participate by paying their lords money to fund it and what will be the criminal punishment under the law. When a gay couple send in their best man (who is straight/ or lies he is) for the wedding cake. Photos are taken and sent to the baker.

Will this be religious terrorism?