Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

I don't know which I find funnier.

The fact that Professional News Person Chris Hayes is apparently just now catching on to the fact that Trump is the Party and the Party is Trump.

The fact that I was writing posts with blunt, clear titles like "Donald Trump Is The GOP" back in 2015 mere days after Il Douche oozed down the Escalator of Doom and into our lives.

Or that Matthew Dowd now really, really wants credit for jumping on this bandwagon --

-- after he blocked me and insulted my readers --

-- for the unpardonable sin of calling him out over the Both Siderist, Trump-enabling horseshit he peddles for a living.

As I have said before in exactly these words, it turns out that the chief political analyst for the mighty ABC News is absolutely freaked out by a guy with a tiny blog living in a cornfield in the middle of Middle America.  

I know, right?

And here's the thing.  I don't level threats.  I don't traffic in wingnut fairy tales.  I don't click-bait-trash-for-cash.

What I do -- week after week, year after year with my wee little blog 'o the prairie using only my ancient laptop, my free version of Photoshop and the English language as twas taught to me by my sainted mother -- is demonstrate over and over again and beyond any doubt that the biggest and most toxic Big Lie in American politics and media is the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It.

There isn't even a close second.

And since that particular scam is Mr. Dowd's bread and the butter and mortgage payment -- and since the Rise of Trump has rendered Mr. Dowd's Both Siderist scam so incredibly fragile that any vagrant breeze from any direction threatens to blow it to atoms -- there is no way that ABC New's chief political analyst can risk facing off against some Liberal nobody with a little blog living in a cornfield in the middle of Middle America.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly how fucked up, hollow and wildly overcompensated our Beltway media has let itself become.

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Neo Tuxedo said...

"...President Bush went on to say that in his administration, obsequiousness is not considered a vice. In other news, I have no pants on. I'm absolutely naked from the waist down! I'm now reading a message from the guy who writes the news. Believe it or not, I'll read anything he writes! It's incredible. If it's on the TelePrompTer, I'll read it, no questions asked. My mind is on my dinner reservations. There's a kind of Zen perfection to my vacuity. Oops, I see we're almost out of time. Back to the broadcast. And that's tonight's news. For all of us here at ABC News, I'm overpaid."
-- Roland Hedley, June 28, 1992

Robt said...

That exposing exchange between Dowd and you is most enlightening.

As with his Both sides anthology being questioned at it's dis credible imprisoned cell block. Dowd needs to hide his lacking journalistic principals. More of lack thereof.

His boss wants more pissazz entertaining in his reporting news to draw eyeballs. It pays well and easy for him to sell products in exchange for, well name it.
here is a both sides for Dowd, He and Stormy Daniels are paid to say and not say certain words. No matter what principals inside tell them otherwise. Talking conscience, the harm it spreads.

In many ways, Dowd emulates the religious rights cake baker bigotry.
He wants to deny people of the facts. Which reflect what they have seen and come to conclude as academic as adding 2+2=4... As it could reinforce a factual conclusion.
Yet, the Cake Baking store he works as a cake baker, has its personally held right wing religious beliefs imposed of its's employees (like Dowd) that they will not bake any cakes with their Blessed talents (cash) for those undeserved Godless others.

You see, Dowd submitted to the Bakery under conditions of employment. That he shall be obligated to keep his job by never baking the truth or fact for anyone the bakery employer religiously (ideologically) decides who gets the cake and who gets does not.
The generic news cake bake only for who they decide is easier for advertisers to sell their produces even to the soulless which are denied a request (a plea_ for a news cake baked.

Dowd is/ has become the rights deep state of governments. Constitutionally protected media infested not simply with their bias.
But with their lying and denying of their bias. past any sane, logical sence of journalistic principles.

Like that seems to be bestowed on say, Sean hannity. Where as very few have been so brave and independent to confront this beast of demons as FOX portrays with the "FOX News" emblem running on screen as hannity entertains the White Supremacist vulnerable minds.
The person that came to mind that took one and confronted the madness/ illness. Was Keith Olberman. Who I am sure Dowd would catorogize Keith playing actual footage of someone and displaying the Truth (as a news paper would print an correction of any misleading sttements. Keith used audio and video to provide and distinguish that which does not get correct and relies on forgetfulness to reinforce falsehoods.

Dowd self inflicts himself with this illness as certain devote people have flogged themselves.
There is a need for the "Louis Pasteur" of news and facts to develop a cure that even Dowd could find to make healthy his mind that controls his behavioral transgressions and his being a carrier of the illness That causes him to misplace, obscure and silence the truth and facts like the greed and weak minded porn star.

tony in san diego said...

You are a fucking hero! Take heart!

dinthebeast said...

Poor little Matty; his duopoly is broken. I bet he has good enough health insurance to get it looked at if he only wanted it to get better...

-Doug in Oakland

Jeff Ryan said...

We could use Royko right now.

Potomacker said...

As somebody with a literary mind, you must know, DG, that it is always easier to retell a tale than to invent a new story, to whatever degree such a task is truly possible. I view Dowd's actions as simply retelling that same tales full of familiar tropes and established cliches. What you are upset about is that he doesn't work harder while expecting him to earn the same paycheck for much more effort and expected grief from his employer and a large percentage of his viewership. The news is not going to change until listeners get bored of the story. The news stories remain the same even as new events continue to happen and challenge our place in history

Anonymous said...

The photo; 'tis good...makes a fine screensaver.