Monday, February 12, 2018

David Brooks' Latest Both Siderist Abomination Is Currently Being Processed

Please stand by.


starskeptic said...

That rocket had very tiny hands...

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

I read the column. Morbidly amusing.

*goes into great length about how messed up the Political Right is*

"oh, and liberals are just as bad" *cites no evidence*

Enjoy your day.

Frank said...

Don't hold back, Drifty.

Davis Statton said...

I responded the the column, something I rarely do. You're my inspiration, Drifty.

trgahan said...

Yet again, DFB shows his own cloistered shut in existence that passes for Great Thinker on American Culture in the media these days.

He again pretends Republicans have and give two shits about "conservative principles" and haven't until TODAY! 180'ed on each one he lists as the butt in the White House changed since...well forever.

No mention that as the black guy was trying to stop the bleeding of the Great Recession the Right planned to break his presidency and force austerity on everyone including all those Economically Anxious White Working Class Abandoned by Democrats (TM) now wearing funny hats and holding up misspelled racist signs while standing to block the view of the still smoldering Bush/Cheney 04 lawn signs.

Of COURSE, there is never a Newt, Limbaugh, FoxNews, Brietbart, or EVEN National Review DFB ca. 2002 in this story.

AND of course he again brings it all home with the cliché dismissal of Liberals/Democrats/Just About Fucking Anyone who give a shit about brown people and women, much less actual brown people and women trying to stick up for themselves, as misguided destructive identity politics.

jim said...

Thanks for scanning the spoor of The Bard Of The Applebee's Salad Bar so I don't have to.

Neo Tuxedo said...

You've been processing it for 18 give-or-take hours now. Either it's going to be one full-blown gonzo WHOPPER of a post when it's done, or your brain is perfecting its impersonation of Opus's great-aunt Tootie with the fatal bowel blockage.

Robt said...

Not only small hands and a tiny button.

But with a thin line to cross into bothsiderism. A great big large partisan bias.
With small typing fingers on a big keyboard. With a mental view through a itsy bitsy window with limited visibility through the filth never clean off the panes.
But he has a enormous forum to place the minuteness of his thoughts.

At a time Trump and his loyal republicans feel emboldened to let their fascism out of the closet as their Tiki Torch base proudly have.

Brooks concluded the best way to enhance his beloved ideology of the good old days of Lynchings of blacks and interment camps for Jews.
Because that is where his fondness of the good old days return him to.

No doubt, his stubborn conservatism will be writing that the blacks caused the lynching and the Jewish round ups are just both sides repeating history.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Brooks concluded the best way to enhance his beloved ideology of the good old days of Lynchings of blacks and interment [sic] camps for Jews [sicer].

I seem to recall hearing somewhere that Our Mr. Brooks is actually Jewish (he has a son in the National Guard of the state of Israel), so I don't think he's consciously in favor of internment camps for Jews; it's just that he's not worried about them when they're run by fascists, as opposed to the horrors of them being run by Communists or liberals (but he thinks he repeats himself).