Friday, December 01, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #417

"We don't need a third party.  We need a second party to displace the cult of bigots and madmen called the GOP."
-- driftglass, writer
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jim said...


dinthebeast said...

I have a sort of dance I do with information. I feel it's a responsibility to stay informed, especially now, so I make myself do so, even when I'm fully sick of it.
But I try to deliberately leave room in my day to find and listen to music. It doesn't always work out, but I find that if I actually make it a part of the plan, that is, make it as important as the information gathering part, I'm more likely to get around to doing it at all.
If I was under the sort of time pressures that I was under before I became disabled, it probably wouldn't work, which is part of the reason I had the stroke in the first place.
It can be hard to grit what's left of my teeth and remember that historically speaking, I'm doing the right thing, even when they are getting more and more successful at perpetrating atrocities, but god damn it, losing my mind will not help. It won't even feel good. Been there. Done that. Hated the fuck out of it.
Anyway, having gone a few rounds with agoraphobia in the aftermath of my stroke, I feel pretty good about the fact that I no longer freeze up and lose my ability to walk straight in open spaces.
Haven't for years, as a matter of fact, but I remember it really well. It will make an impression on you. So having that for perspective, I can appreciate things like grocery shopping, and visits to the Highland pharmacy that I do now without any second thoughts. So I am an enthusiastic supporter of your newest sponsor.
Thanks again for the excellent podcast, and I'm glad someone is finally writing about you guys. Now if we can just get you the same level of attention and consideration as random Fergus voters have been getting for way too long, we can at least reference you in comments elsewhere without having to explain ourselves at such length...

-Doug in Oakland

Fritz Strand said...

I can see how pants would be a problem, but where did you find a bed big enough to sleep on?