Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All The Photoshops In The World...

...could not make this any more of a creepy parody than it already is.


Kevin Holsinger said...

Nicholson Joker...

RUKidding said...

What? You think I'd touch this troll with my bare hands? This is foreplay and just represents a teeny tiny (ahem like something else...) part of my, uh, compensation. The gloves stay on at all times, as does the black raincoat.

Emilio Zegna Puma Skin Black Leather Gloves $5,500
Oscar de la Renta Black Panther Raincoat $350,000
PreNup with Ugly Troll with a Large Bank Account $2,000,000

Ability to REALLY condescend to the disgusting riff raff Priceless

Neo Tuxedo said...

"I have thought some of nature's journeymen had made men and not made them well, they imitated humanity so abominably."
-- Hamlet, III.ii.35-37

Robt said...

The Trump golden Sachs Crony Goose that can lay print to all the golden eggs there greed requires.

From the Trump nursery Rhyme, The Golden Swamp thing.

Sometimes I get the eerie vibes that they came up short when GW Bush collapsed the economy. That they are all about doing it for sure this time,

As Bannon has told us. Bring it all down. from the ash pile Hitler's spirit will rise and ride high in the saddle again like Robert E Lee.
But the Russian model of dictator with Oligarchs owning everything. This is what many right wing wealthy truly want.
They like a labor force at their plants in China who must obey the Communist leaders laws.

aguy said...

Sad that what could at any moment for us all and literally presently for others, be the worst of times are golden for comedians ans comedy writers - then there is this (see photo); Just Wrong and they should know it as adults, and will surely be endelible/digitally marked on any future dossier on the fall of this empire.

Victor said...

He & his trophy Mrs should be ashamed to hold up new bills with his signature, of such a small denomination .

They should have waited for the new BILLION DOLLAR BILL with tRUMP's signiture.

On the other hand, non 1 %ers will be lucky to have a few of these in their pockets and purses after the new tax cuts for the super-duper rich go into effect!

Lit3Bolt said...

Bloody Bill Kristol said: "If Democrats were smart, they would print this image in every campaign ad in every race in 2018."

Like so many bloody, empire building speedball-dreams, Kristol hinges his premise on a very big "if"...

Robt said...

After the panama Papers came the Pradise Papers.

Now we know for sure how much financial suffering the wealthy are experiencing.

If you are not with GOD and the Prosperity Gospel. You are with ISIS.

Tax cuts for wealthy will solve your lifes problems although these same conservatives tell us government cannot help you. Gov't should get out of the way.
Reagan's commandment of , I am from thegovernment and I am here to help.
Seems to be lost when republicans have majorities in Government.

Koch's announce they could spend $400 million on 2018 election for GOP.
Sounds like they are taking out loans to fund the GOP because of low revenues, doesn't it?
Sen Graham said, big GOP donors threaten to hold beck GOP election funding if they do not do exactly what they say and redistribution the money to them.

Thanks Citizens United and the billionaire placed Supremes (No, not the Diana Ross ones). One person one vote and enough election tampering to reset any vote count. Including state laws to forbid any high minded recounts.

Never in my life time when tax cuts were given to the wealthy. have I ever seen them pass on their tax savings to their employees.
But again, The GOP religious "belief" thingy is very critical. That is why they feed that zombie daily in all aspects of the media. Which The Dems or any other opposing viewpoints have surrendered.

The pylons have been firmly put in place. They can tear down and rebuild the pier as often as they chose.

Gerald Parks said...

Nuff said!
SHE won't even touch him!
AND ....his "pinky" finger is ...raised?
An American nightmare!!!

Bugboy said...

These two bozos know that it's not actually THEIR money, don't they? DON'T THEY????

You just gotta love the "FUCK YOU I GOT MINE" look on their faces...

Robt said...

I understand Steve Munckin is board with Government servicing all us people.
Wanting to return to Wall Street, but hold management control he is no bid contracting with a Putin security service.

Creating jobs he says.

paul said...

Republican running from the disaster she helped create:

WALLACE: I guess the hypocrisy, to me, Heather, is that, I worked in a Republican White House. We relied on Fox News for more generous and sort of the benefit of the doubt that we keep talking about, that we couldn't always get other places. But I would never have fathomed in a million years that it would extend to someone accused of sort of preying in a sexual manner on teenage girls.

Paul Rogers