Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Charlie Sykes Was Born In The Summer Of His 62nd Year --

-- and came home to a farce he'd never been before...

He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again.
You might say he found a key for every door.

To understand the arc of Charlie Sykes's career you really don't need to know more than the first 1.3 sentences of his interview in Slate interview:
For more than two decades, Charlie Sykes was one of the leading conservative voices on Wisconsin talk radio. But in 2016...
I don't care about the rest.  Because however you slice it, only one of two things can be true.

Either Charlie Sykes built an entire, 23-year media career out of tossing wingnut red meat to racist Republican zombies did not notice they were racist zombies until 2016 when they kicked down his back yard fence and ate his Pekingese.

Or Charlie Sykes built an entire 23-year media career out of tossing red meat to wingnut racist Republican zombies, and knew perfectly well what he was doing.  And once the stank from the shitpile he helped to amass became so knock-a-buzzard-off-a-gut-wagon unbreathable that it was fucking up his career, Mr. Sykes slalomed off it and straight into yet another, even bigger media career in which he is invited on teevee programs and into the pages of The New York Times to plead  shock, ignorance and outrage at the savagery and paranoia and rage of those racist Republican zombies who he fed so sumptuously for so many years.

So either he is a purblind political imbecile who was incapable of seeing the very reality he was creating as it was staring him in the face decade after decade, or  he is calculating sociopath who is willing to extend his media shelf-life by simply ripping off the vocabulary and critiques of the very Liberal he used to mock and demonize.  

Either way, no respectable employer in any other profession would touch someone whose entire resumed should read "Spent a quarter of a century proving that I had no idea what the fuck I was talking about and helping to create the biggest political debacle in modern history,  so please hire me to talk even more about my political opinions on teevee and in print!"

But there is a Club, kids.

And we are not in it. 


dave said...

ahead of myself but from civility and the brooks article:

how did we get there mistuh brooks? was your enabling glee and crocodile tears for civility and 'both sides' do it trumped? the lugubrious smarmy syrupy sap you've been spilling on the NYT not useful anymore?

'A lot of the fanaticism in society is electron-thin. People in jobs like mine get a lot of nasty emails, often written late at night after libations are flowing. But if we write back to our attackers appreciatively, and offer a way to save face, 90 percent of the time the next email is totally transformed. The brutal mask drops and the human being instantly emerges.'

nossir-when you engage the nazi with 'we're on the same team' most of them quiet down and take the alliance...

trgahan said...

So when the voter suppression, Russian hackers, billionaire dollars, and meathead base yet again pulls the trigger on the gun they pointed at their own heads keeps Republicans in control of congress and most states in 2018, how many #NeverTrumper's are going to run out, dig up their uniforms, and fall back into formation?

Just remembering the media doing a lot of waffling in the run up to 2004 only to announce "American is, fundamentally, a conservative nation!!" one November morning.

Not saying they all will since the media is paying for NeverTrump, But Both Sides! content right now. But my guess one or two will when it starts becoming clear Republican's aren't going to face a honest general election for the foreseeable future and a Presidential re-election and census year on the horizon.

Andy M said...

His interview with Chait seems to lend evidence for Option 1.

dinthebeast said...

Or perhaps option three: He knew just what he was doing the whole damn time, but it never occurred to him that it might be a bad thing?
Either way I hope he gets buggered to death by a sheep.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Sykes did earn a pretty penny in his propagandizing the demise of Reason and the demonizing of other Americans.

And no doubt, he was a right wing believer. maybe not the extremes he infected others with. Who then believed every suppository Charlie put up his cattle,s asses.
Once his listeners souls died and the bodies came back to life hungry for human flesh. They came for Sykes and their was no one to stand up for him.

Not even FOX wanted Sykes? Where he could grope all his desire.
Even the Hewitt did not ascend to the heavenly heights of FOX. Why?

Fear of being eaten by their own? The cannibalistic spiders they've become.

Do you ever hear Sykess peaking out on extremes of republicans in Wisconsin? Chanting everyday what to do about it? Demonizing the ills of the GOP extremes?
Of course not.
Even if Sykes confesses in the church of MSNBC in front of a camera. That he did not vote for Trump. He would need to provide evidence of what the 23 yr career republican radio demented liar, provide beyond doubt that he did not vote Trump.
He did not vote HRC. I have not swallowed David Frum's declaration that he did not vote for Trump.
He is their 5 working digits with a pen, that they wet dreamed of.

They are all in alliance with Speaker Paul Ryan's republican majority in the house. "look the other way", Distract", Ayn Rand ", Secret legislation", No oversight of thy republican Brotherhood". Let the corruption begin and leave nothing standing. The Koch brothers and their wealth will take care of me.

If I was to sum up Charlie Sykes new existence (revised).
He is the republican brotherhood doing nothing to correct or resolve after mass shooting after mass shooting.

he is provided with a public pedestal to preach his sermon of
- "My thoughts and prayers go out to cattle".

One would think if folks like Charlie Sykes truly meant their public expressions of "gone fishing-too far". They would actually return to the battlefield and start by burying the dead, attending to the wounded. Not just ask to make Amends gut to earn it.

It has become so noticeable that the vile of the republican recruitment, enabling, financial supporting and organizing the White Supremacist into their political party is and has been out of control.
Charlie Sykes spoke to this folks on his radio and helped recruit them to the GOP.
Charlie will be gated off in his off camera life. It is the rest of America that must deal with the zombie herds of Charlie Sykes ' endeavors.
None of which he even apologizes for.

"Maybe we went too far"
----------------------------Charlie Sykes

Sykes improved his career. He has no insight for me that is of value.

I am sure the tax cuts means more to him than some low income person getting affordable housing through HUD or a prosthetic limb to a amputee veteran.

People like Sykes can find NO forgiveness from people like me. he would not seek it other than improving his financial bottom line.
There is only one thing I could recommend to Sykes if he feels any wrong. make Amends
But go out and apply action to correct and resolve the wrong you've done.

There is one thing I would like to express to the likes of Sykes and the Hewitts of MSNBC.
Their company policy of diversity is good is why they got the job overall.

This "diversity" is good policy is that in which you have spent your lives propagandizing Americans of it;s evils.
And you have no problems with it in your own cases. You too, Mike Steel.

Where are your big conservative FOX contracts?

Dr.BDH said...

I've written before and will write again, as a citizen of the once fine state of Wisconsin: if Charlie Sykes wants to redeem his quarter century of hate-mongering, he can start in Waukesha and crawl on his hands and knees to every Republican household in the state, dumping ashes on his head and explaining in detail how he lied to them over and over. That might seem extreme, except in comparison to my other offer of penance to Charlie Sykes: to do the same to African-Americans in Milwaukee.

Until them he can STFU.