Friday, October 06, 2017

Andrew Sullivan 2.0

Former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos holds protest signs while speaking
at the University of California in Berkeley last month. (NOAH BERGER/REUTERS)

From Buzzfeed:
At the time, Yiannopoulos, who would later describe himself as a “fellow traveler” of the alt-right, was the tech editor of Breitbart. In summer 2015, after spending a year gathering momentum through GamerGate — the opening salvo of the new culture wars — he convinced Breitbart upper management to give him his own section. And for four months, he helped Bannon wage what the Breitbart boss called in emails to staff “#war.” It was a war, fought story by story, against the perceived forces of liberal activism on every conceivable battleground in American life.

Yiannopoulos was a useful soldier whose very public identity as a gay man (one who has now married a black man) helped defend him, his anti-political correctness crusade, and his employer from charges of bigotry.
The Right has a long history of hiring psychologically malformed or self-loathing representatives of groups it despises and deploying them as stooges in order to deflect criticism of their carefully-cultivated, politically-energizing hatred for that group as a whole.

For example, to this very day, former RNC "Break Glass In Case The Democrats Nominate A Black Guy" chair, current radio host and MSNBC employee Michael Steele will still sit down and tuck into a seven course meal of racist Republican turds with a smile on his face.

For example, the late Roger Ailes' sexual predator petting zoo at Fox News is still glutted with leggy  female throw pillows who are only too happy to set the cause of women back a century or two as long as their employer keeps the money coming.

For example, if Andrew Sullivan hadn't spend his career marketing himself as America's only gay Conservative Catholic Tory stoner, no one on this side of the Atlantic would have paid him to do his little dance all of these years.

There is nothing new to see here.

These are the kapos who help the machinery of the American Fascist Party run smoothly.  

And the very least they they deserve for their years of service is to be forced to spend the rest of their days wearing a sandwich-board that says "I Collaborated".

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trgahan said...

....and the rest of the media obediently reports "Look at this Left Wing Intolerance of Free Speech! See how closed minded progressives are! They won't even hear this person's ideas!" when the Brietbarts pay the Milos to go pick bar fights on college campuses....

...while ESPN suspends a reporter for saying Trump is a racist on her personal twitter after Trump said racist things cause she is not allowed free speech and no one spends five minutes of TV time lambasting conservatives for being too sensitive and/or closed minding to alternative ideas.

D. said...

Gum on a sidewalk.

There is too bad he diddn't meet the local mountain lion.

RUKidding said...

There always are people from groups despised by those currently in power, who are totally willing to sell out their souls (and their kids, grandmas and what have you) to work for those who truly loath detest and despise them. Because reasons... and money... and the braindead delusion that somehow their Bosses actually like them and that their bosses perceive them differently from all the rest of the inhabitants of their particular despised group. Plus money and delusions of safety.

However, if push ever comes to shove, the Bosses'll shove those suckups out so fast that their heads will spin, and they'll end up in the ovens along with the rest of the despised group.

Most of these types, like Michael Steele and Milo, would be pitiable, except that they're just so utterly greedheadedly disgusting.

I have no idea of true rightwing racist sexist homophobic bigoted "religous" sexist amoral zealots actually "like" these creatures or listen to them or whatever, OR if the rightwing zealots just see these Fools for their "usefulness" in pretending that the right is somehow not bigoted racist sexist homophobic blah blah... etc.

Hard to say what wingtards think or believe anymore.

But eff Milo who's a POS, if there ever was one.

dinthebeast said...

Well, Milo did do one thing: he proved what I've been saying all along about the supposed suppression of the free speech of conservatives on the UC Berkeley campus.
It's straight up bullshit.
They, as can you or I, can speak there pretty much whenever they want. On Sproul Plaza.
What they can't necessarily do any time they want is use the better appointed facilities that we have to pay for them using, and I was going to mention the security that goes along with those facilities, but as Milo demonstrated, they get the security, the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of it, for free merely by announcing their visit ahead of time.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

If anyone is still deliberating the outcome of Citizens United.

Free Speech is always drowned to death (in the bathtub of Grover Norquist's democracy) by paid speech.

"you got to keep catapulting the propaganda", One former GOP president told Americans from the White House podium.

Today, it is all fake news. They are "ALL" lying. Except Bannon at Breitbart (or insert their latest voice from their latest profit that has their finger on the trigger that invokes their hate of others. For the most, it is that simple.
Reagan Never did any gun control! H.W. Bush never resigned his NRA membership and spoke poorly of the NRA as the NRA called out loud and publicly for Americans, "to shoot Feds in the head. Because they wear body armor".
Think about the constant hype during Obama Administration. Unemployment and debt. Coming for your guns personally door to door. They have their guy and majorities of government. Spending is up, trade deficits continue, gun sales are down, the selective abuse of peoples rights being perpetrated.
By far is this a complete list.

When it comes to the cable news,
The prevailing norm is having more appearances of the party in power.
The reality is,
When the Dems have majorities the news puts high percentage of minority republicans to rant and criticize unchallenged.
When republicans are in majority power the media puts on high percentage of republicans again.

This goes for bookings of disgraced crooks like Newt Gingrich to drown American ears in absolute cesspool meaningless rhetoric of hate baiting.

When I am fortunate enough to be selected by my local paper to be printed in their paper's "local voices" section. They have the right to edit it any way they choose. print it against opposing views which I cannot respond and they limit your speech to apprx 150 words. Except when they choose to extend crazy Uncle angry hate them all , extended word length. Yes, it is their paper.
But they free speech to local voices doesn't allow you to point to severely at our republican (anything) while they allow Alt right NAZIS such a loud often voice.

As we see with Facebook and other media platforms,
If I do not have enough "Rubles", to pay for a loud voice to drown out other voices of little finances

Randomly selecting a story where paid speech and political representation intertwines.
A republican Rep. Murphy )Pa.) who was optioning abortion for his mistress (out of his marriage). Murphy was sending out anti abortion positions he stood for from his office of congress. Once his mistress called him out for his anti abortion screeds. While optioning her to have an abortion.
He votes in the House on a anti abortion bill. Then resigns the next day?
Apparently they bastions of lobbyist free paid speech have assured him some sort of socialized employment as he leaves his congressional seat.

Today, a well financed loud tiny minority structure is in place for all of us, (including the hate puppets) to begin considering life after witnessing the drowning of our democracy and so beloved constitution with the rights envisioned, drowned in the bathtub

Just listen to the media and all concerned over the quarter economic job loss!It is the first quarter of loss. How many of these quarters of loss makes it official recession?