Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Best. Orwellian. Turducken. Ever. *

A Fox News hobgoblin Tweeting about another Fox News hobgoblin who appeared on the program of the King of All Fox News Hobgoblins to lecture American about how a responsible and objective press is supposed to work.

Letting these people take a dump in his skull for 20 years is what turned your Crazy Uncle Liberty into a reprogrammable fascist meat puppet.

Help us find the cure.

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*The word turducken is a portmanteau of turkey, duck, and chicken. The dish is a form of engastration, which is a recipe method in which one animal is stuffed inside the gastric passage of another.


steeve said...

Great, now i have to look up "portmanteau".

Robt said...

Before seeking Republican Rehab. Please see your doctor for Anal leakage. The Rehab facility is not equipped.

When seeking Republican Rehab, best use insurance coverage while you still have it.

Weapons are not allowed in the Rehab facility. Self inflicted wounds are not covered under our facility coverage.

Republican Rehab disclaimer; There is no cure. We can only isolate and arrest the five finger vulgarian demon . Exorcisms not included and been found ineffective.

Republican Rehab requires all patients to use dictionary definitions to avoid lengthy set backs during treatment.

Like her definition of "Objective" when speaking of media that may contain Criticism and facts instead of redefining meanings and use of Alternative Facts. These are signs, symptoms of the illness. We must get to the illness to resolve the symptoms.

We accept Visa, master card and have financial folks standing by.

Please call us 34/7 at 1-800-don't exist or 1 900- your fucked up.

Not sure there is any help for this. Take GW's economic collapse. The GOP's direct use of socialism to bail out the banks and give Exec. bonuses for great job at bankrupting). Their acceptance of responsibility was to blame Obama and Libs for the collapse and bail outs. Their lack to help the very people they represent as they obstructed any corrective actions to assist the fiscal pain they spared the banks.

Here we are with a some economic stability and they hand Mr Bankruptcy the vault. Who takes those same Wall Street Execs and places them in charge of America's financial system.

Return of the illness that causes the symptoms that wants to try to repeat history and economic collapse but this time make sure there is no iota to recover.
Because only then, I shall be able to rise up and be KING? Or something like that? As if they believe they are setting a stage of ascension opportunity out of the ashes? I figure, for them. I am the ashes in this science fiction thriller?

Cirze said...

Happy Independence Day!

But, now it's independence from a sane, educated populace.

bluicebank said...

Robt is on track, even if his notion of rehab centers is a tad optimistic for a cure.

I'll defer to a version of CDC guidelines on dealing with a plague.

1. Containment & prevention.
a) Those showing early signs should receive the proper injections of critical thinking skills and facts, and be quarantined until no longer infectious.
b) Those not infected should employ proper hygiene and avoid anyone with oozing pustules, foaming at the mouth, or repeated non sequiturs.
c) The walking dead should be sent into their respective Christopathic houses of healing. Lock the doors behind them to prevent escape.

2. Mitigation. Buy/adopt/support cats to kill the rats. But if you're a dog person, they ain't too keen on rats, either, and a good bloodhound wouldn't hurt to hunt down the disease vectors.

But rehab centers? I'm not going to work there unless supplied with a surgical mask and a whip.

jim said...

"HOW MANY illegal Dem votes in 2016 were from Martian Pedo Slave Brothels?"

Coming soon to a White House Press Briefing near you?

Mr XD said...

Fox *News* puts the TURD in turducken~

Robt said...

bluicebank said...---
"2. Mitigation. Buy/adopt/support cats to kill the rats. But if you're a dog person, they ain't too keen on rats, either, and a good bloodhound wouldn't hurt to hunt down the disease vectors."

Dogs and Cats living together. Working together. With the same urgency and goals. Yes, I can see it..........!

Example of one breed of Dog useful in the endeavor.
Manchester Terriers, are sleek, short-coated dogs with a black and mahogany coat. Compact and muscular, they are bred to kill vermin and course small game. There is a Toy variety as well as the Standard Terrier.

And remember, Dogs were useful in identifying the Terminators. Cats have their own talents as well.

If any truth to crossing path of black cats.

We need to send in the black cat brigade to the next GOP only health care meeting. Who is to say that it does not begin with the black cat grigade being the "first in and last out in this battle.

Strider said...

Why did you feel the need to define "Turducken"? Plus, you did it with a word that could actually be considered obscure and probably should be defined for those who couldn't glean the definition from context. Is this some kind of meta commentary on your readers' intelligence? For how long are we to put up with these things? Yours etc., Brigadier Arthur Gormanstrop (Mrs).

Patrick D said...

Wannabe Gorgon Guilfoyle that what i think of her...

RUKidding said...

No wonder conservatives engaged in a massive communal freak/lash out at Libtards on July 4 when NPR both tweeted and read on air the Declaration of Independence (which they've done for years). Rightwingers no longer can deduce what's up and what's down anymore. Truth and facts left the station a long time ago, while Crazy Uncle Liberty resides in conservafantasyworld, where he can shriek at and shake his trembly fist at clouds all he wants.

Massive cognitive dissonance ensues, along with near riots. What happens when 63 million "patriots" hear some commentary that they *think* they don't like and decide to commence watering that Tree of Liberty?

After all, we cannot ban the sale of gunz across state lines because that might make Crazy Uncle Liberty - and more importantly the gunz 'n ammo industries - have a big old sad. And it would all be the fault of dreaded LIEbruls, of course. Some nut case on Fox said so, so it Must. Be. True.

Robt said...

* "What happens when 63 million "patriots" hear some commentary that they *think* they don't like and decide to commence watering that Tree of Liberty"

__ There are some very tough lessons ahead for those "patriots of freedom" you described. That lesson (if they live to survive) is going to be part of the definition of Freedom. Like Where it begins for them, and where it ends for them. Gen. Sherman tried to explain boundaries of freedom. The ones that survived that lesson that ensued (Civil War) Created a forced boundary for some, some accepted the lesson while others survived and did not learn feeding hate to keep it alive.

*" we cannot ban the sale of gunz across state lines because that might make Crazy Uncle Liberty - and more importantly the gunz 'n ammo industries "

--Selling guns across state lines. Hell, they are selling guns made in foreign countries across the state lines.
Interestingly, Think about ISIS and how long they have been fighting. makes me ponder. Where Oh where does ISIS attain their weapons and ammo? Someone is selling and profiting. Ever hear addressing of cutting off ISIS from these arms sales? Me neither.
But Guns are not only sold across state lines. many arms, Glock, Uzi, etc., are made overseas and imported here for sale. But American, be proud!

Confusion of the highest convolution with the fanatical (I will call them) is that in which they so desperately believe and will push with violence. The 2nd Amerindian. I have heard many doozy a definition of it.

Take the principal of defending yourself. Even dementia Bi polar blind people with itchy trigger freedom rights to be scared of others to the point they must shot them even if unarmed.
Doesn't N. Korea have the right as their own country to Bear Arms if they say so in their country?
Why is it, Pakistan, India, Israel, many European nations etc have the right to bear arms with Nuke, but Iran, N. Korea Does not have that right as their own country to defend.??
Oh sure, they do not have a Constitution like the USA does. Yet they have their own rules. So if it has become a Belief in this Gunz worshiping that solves all and the freedoms to do so.
How do they always try to deny other countries of these same freedoms they say they want to bring to others. Like Iraq!.

It comes down to, I like you Israel so we will not only allow you to have Nukes, we will provide them to you? But not you South Korea.?

Pakistan and India disobeyed America and got Nukes on their own and are now accepted into the exclusive club of countries with Nukes.

All the concern of Iran developing Nukes on their own, when all they have to do is give Putin a call. As like Israel called America for Nukes to be in the club.

So why the mucking muck over N. Korea and Nukes. Very dangerous entities already have Nukes. N. Korea having them only means, they will have to be treated like those other elite countries who were given a special golf club membership.