Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Complete Decadent History of Modern Conservatism in Three Glorious Tweets

To seize power they built an army of mindless hobgoblins.

And now they are being hobgobbled to death by them.


Cirze said...

Probably enjoying the gobbling up to the end though.

(Hate these stoopids so much I couldn't resist.)

Robt said...

Since you brought up Twits.

"How low does President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. The is Nixon/ Watergate."
Trump Tower Tweeter in chief

I imagine when Trump says “during the sacred election process”. He means like when he was at his Campaign rallies on stage pleading in public for,
" Putin to hack Hillary’s campaign"..
That sacred election, right?

duquesnepdx said...

This is far too perfect. They've got the trifecta, but have devolved into such infighting that they can't get anything done. Half of the House thinks that the repeal bill doesn't go far enough, and the other half thinks it goes too far. All of them are solely concerned about keeping their jobs if they do the wrong thing in the eyes of their base.

The next few years are going to get really bad if they ever get back in lockstep, but for now, I'm really enjoying the schadenfreude.

Dave McCarthy said...

@ duquesnepdx

I'd dearly LOVE to try to enjoy the schadenfreude, but this shit is too scary. trump says "Obama tapped my wires! Sad! Sick!" and instead of yanking him post haste OUT of the fucking white house and sending him back to trump towers on his OWN dime, the Rs in Washington have vowed to investigate. Doesn't take a nanosecond to realize how this empowers the velveeta-faced bottle blonde 70 year old pussy grabber.

False accusation of terrorist act by (fill in name here) resulting in serious military action in 3...2...1...

trgahan said...

I respectfully disagree regarding conservative leaders suffering from their base.

The key feature of the army is that it is indeed mindless.

As Ms. Bannon just admitted: if it isn't praise for a Republican bill that is a direct gut punch to the "economically anxious white working class" defended by "Its all your fault you can't afford it!", then its the critics who are the misinformed ones, not her.

As I said before, this army only wants one fucking thing and that is the right to sit on top of the ash pile of the country they burned down to thundering applause.

Half the media will still be more concerned with liberals calling them mindless hobgoblins than pointing out how willing they are to cut their own throats.

dahlgren said...

Like Carol Bannon knows what the National Review is.

MLK4 said...

Thanks --made my day :-)

Randle Aubrey said...

...and these goons wonder why the left is so. Fucking. Pissed. Off.

bluicebank said...

It's the old adage about the dog who finally caught the car it was chasing. Old Bowser ends up breaking his teeth on the wheel.

Also known as "One does not simply walk into Mordor." Ya gotta have a fucking plan, and that involves facts gleaned by a wizard from the old scrolls, a deft strategy by same brilliant wizard, and a shitload of luck. The GOP has the malcontents of Dunland, the highwaymen along the old roads, and Bill Ferny with a beaten pony to carry the Ring. Which task they will fuck up.

(Oops. This isn't a Tolkien forum. Apologies.)

Paul Green said...

Reminds me of this old Monty Python sketch.