Friday, March 24, 2017

Ron Fournier is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

America's Sad Clown of Centrism is Sad.

Thanks to Walt for sending this along (Mr. Fournier blocked me ages ago for pointing out that he is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person.)



Jimbo said...

I thought he decided to disappear himself. Now he's back saying patently ridiculous stuff? Go away, meaningless commenter.

Andrew Johnston said...

I always wonder how it is that a person with no opinions except that all opinions are equally wrong decides on political commentary as a profession.

Yeah, yeah, answered my own question.

dinthebeast said...

"Leave me out of debate over whose failure is worse"

No problem, dude. As for your "broad public support", the latest tracking poll puts the ACAs favorability at 49%, or twelve points higher than Twitler.

-Doug n Oakland

proverbialleadballoon said...

We'll happily leave you out of the debate, Ron, thanks for playing, and bye. Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats is drivel.

Randle Aubrey said...

Jeezus...he's not even trying anymore. Sad!, indeed.

Jason said...

"Democratic president blames Republicans, Republican president blames democrats..."

Well golly gee fucking wilikers, I guess it's just a complete wash Ron! Never mind that Republicans publicly stated that it was their mission to never allow Obama any policy victories or that the Affordable Care Act is essentially Romney care or that this health care act was an abomination for this country and that it's 'failure' is the best thing that could have happened. Or that republicans wanted to repeal the ACA for one reason and one reason only, a Democratic black man passed it. Or that asshats like you that give cover to republicans when they demonstrably lie at a near treasonous order of magnitude.

Dr. Puck said...

Radical post-Overton centrism ams to appeal to, exactly, whom?

Pardon me, but, Fournier seems to be writing for other such believers in inanity, and, so, his tweet reads as material for a circle-jerk.

keith gargus said...

Fournier keeps flogging the mummified remains of the Lieberman Party, and people keep ignoring him. SMH,he has a job, and since the GOP is in tiny bits and pieces, whipping a couple 'likes'for his non-party is all that's left.