Monday, March 27, 2017

It's a Trump!

File under "Once again, Liberals were right about the Right all along."

Trump’s Trainwreck

For seven years — seven years — Republicans thundered about the evils of Obamacare, yearned for the day when they could bury it and vowed to do precisely that once the ball was in their hands.

Last week proved that this had all been an emotional and theatrical exercise, not a substantive one. The ball was in their hands, and they had no coherent playbook. No real play. They scurried around the Capitol with their chests deflated and their tails between their legs.

For the entirety of his campaign, Donald Trump crowed about his peerless ability to make deals, one of which, he assured us, was going to be a replacement for Obamacare that would cut costs without leaving any Americans in the lurch.

Last week proved that there was no such swap, that he hadn’t done an iota of work to devise one and that he was spectacularly unprepared to shepherd such legislation through Congress. As his promise lay in tatters at his feet, he gave a delusional interview to Time magazine about what an infallible soothsayer he is, then tried to shift the blame to Democrats, who, he said, would soon be the ones hankering for an Obamacare replacement.
I don't know about you, but if your "Once again, Liberals were right about the Right all along" file is getting as vast as mine, we're all going to have to start investing in warehouse space, forklifts, and OSHA certifications sooner rather than later.


trgahan said...

The Republican plan (don't forget this was a party wide effort) was also the polar opposite of Trump's campaign rhetoric and his own base hated it. Yet he still tried the hard sell and failed miserably.

And that was with people who are supposedly on his side. Imagine the master negotiator against someone who doesn't give a shit about him or his country.

And now Trump and Republicans want to follow with disaster with tax cuts for rich people....lots and lots of tax cuts for rich people. Oh yeah, and a budget that will make the losses facing the "economically anxious white working class" under their failed health plan look quaint.

bluicebank said...

Yeah, a lot of people in the MSN are having that come-to-Jesus moment about Trump. And conveniently fail to mention that liberals have long been explaining this to them using diagrams.

But before we start taking warm showers with the new converts, just remember they've come to church for the snacks before, only to later backslide (remember the GW Bush years, when the MSN had a moment of clarity, and that lasted until the next drink?).

So let's be happy our fair weather friends are tossing some serious change into the offering plate. And not forget they're thieving junkies.

dinthebeast said...

Turns out you can't master the art of Karate through silent contemplation after all, and you sure as hell can't master it by bragging about it on the stump and not even bothering with the contemplation.
Kind of illustrates the flaw in their reasoning when they so disdain "political insiders" that they just assume that what they do is so easy that they can run circles around them at it without even studying the process.

-Doug in Oakland

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Getting a lot of work out of your recently acquired mug, I see. :)

Be seeing you.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

Thank you Citizens United. Ryan's first priority must be campaign spending limitations such that the party gets 95% of the contributions. Until several oligarchs bankrupt themselves, nothing will change. Essentially the oligarchs are congress. They all have to agree on on policy. Unlike congress, there is no formal structure among them. They would have to agree that the oligarchs, eitger among themselves/ their proxys in congress that once an issue is settled it remains so for some specified period. Meanwhile the losing side in the argument while just spend more money relitigating said argument. Isn't anarchy great?!

RUKidding said...

It's intensely aggravating that the Rs had nada, zip, zilch, nothing developed to replace the ACA, after 7 long years of wasting money pandering to their idiotic base by putting forward a ton of Repeal ACA legislation. Nothing. They had Zip.

On top of that Trump blathered all throughout the campaign - it was one of his biggest selling points after "Lock Her Up" (which also didn't happen) - that he HAD a most excellent replacement for ACA that he would enact within his first 60 days. He claimed he KNEW absolutely what to replace the dreaded horrid ACA - that's "exploding" - with. Yet, when the dog caught the car and suddenly found himself as POTUS, there was Zip, zilch, nada, nothing on offer. Suddenly Trump awakens to the salient factoid that "health care is complicated." Eh? No sh*t Sherlock. Ya just figured that out NOW?

There was a mini march in my home town this past Sat with about 400 Trump fans holding aloft signs that said "Let Trump Do His Job." I'm not sure what motivated them to do this march, but my thought was: You FOOLS are witnessing Trump "doing his job." What ARE your expectations? THIS is probably about as good as it gets. It's only going to go downhill from here.

Too bad, so sad you FOOLS don't have the dastardly horrid terrible awful LIEbruls to Blame this clusterf*ck on. Good luck with what your Lord and Master Trump dumps on you tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and ....

bowtiejack said...

I really think that with both Trumpcare and the Trump Administration we are seeing a confirmation of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Habitat Vic said...

Sorry Mr. Glass, but you're not going to win over any sci-fi loving Conservatives with that first photo. First off, the Admiral is looking a little dark-skinned, if you know what I'm sayin' (and I think you do). I should also point out that he's an alien, and that he is operating an unsanctioned military vessel against the Empire. Which, duh, is illegal. QED - an illegal alien.

Finally his name is Ackbar. Take away the "c" and we have the Mooslim word for great, as in "Allahu Akbar!" Hah! You Libtards aren't gonna sneak anything past this ol' conservative. No siree.

Robt said...

And such a Great trap it is.
Making traps great again someone might say.

The House Intel committee trap has been placed up against the wall right next to the entryway to the White House door. To attract it's vector, Trump smothered it with Nunes bait. But it seems he who tasked to set the trap, failed and allowed the trap to snap on his own fingers when baiting and setting.

So easy, The Senate should subpoena Devin Nunes and put him under oath on record. He is withholding/ obstructing information. Even FBI should question Nunes. Only, taking oaths to things other than the Grovers or the NRA means nothing to the GOP.
Nunes took an oath to defend the constitution. Oh, he can lather words that he, "believes" he is doing the right thing. But that is a belief and unlike Iran with its religious law. Nunes's belief in not abiding tot he law or his oath of office has noting to do with :Believing" in our courts.
Otherwise as ridiculous as it is, I believed robbing that Bank to give to the poor was the right thing to do and the courts should agree.