Monday, March 20, 2017

Words? What Do They mean?

Donald Trump decided to jumped right into the middle of televised congressional hearings precipitated by his lies...

...with some more lies!

Lie about a great big thing that is happening live, on teevee, in real time and right in front of tens of millions of people.

And here's a thing that you can predict as confidently as the rising of the sun: Donald Trump's supporters -- the re-programmable Orwellian meatheads to whom every Republican in congress owes their seat -- Do.  Not.  Care.

And by this time next week, or the week after, the substance of the hearings will have been dissolved and unremembered in a barrel of Fake News acid by the Trumpkins, leaving behind only a residue of aggrieved horror about how monstrous leaks are and how anyone (translation: Obama and his Sekrit Shadow Gummint!) who disseminates leaked information should be in jail:


trgahan said...

Actually, the meatheads very much care if you look at it along the same lines their insistence that the Confederate Flag is about "Heritage."

Their party's undemocratic seizure of power, fuck-anyone-with-a-networth-under-$1 million governance, prideful ignorance, and fascistic-racial worldview needs to be unquestioningly portrayed as God Blessed, Glorious, Real America. This is why Jesus and all the Founding Fathers are all characterized in Republican circles as post-1973 Supply Side, Small Government, Republicans.

It is all about the appearance of legitimacy.

On one hand, it is sad to see how fake and emotionally frail 40 percent of the adults in this nation are...on the other it is chilling because this need to appear to have legitimate power has justified some really horrific governmental behavior in other countries.

Robt said...

Who yu going to believe.
A respected and proven journalist or the lying guys tweet?