Saturday, January 21, 2017

You Will Never Understand the Perspective of the Trump Voter...

Unless you wear the special glasses.


tony in san diego said...


Lit3Bolt said...

Which is why the media needs to stay woke to the fact that Republicans, with Trump at the helm, are the Lie Party. It's a Lie Turtle All The Way Down. This is a war on the Enlightenment, on basic functional communication. Yet David Brooks and Matthew Dowd and Chris Clizza and Josh Barro are all desperately trying to become the next David Broder who holds sway over the court of political reporting/partisan hackery, desperate for a few Breitbart eyeballs cast in their direction.

It's over guys. It's done. Much like how William F. Buckley was put out to pasture in the Bush II years for daring to disagree with objective reality, you guys will be tossed aside like the cheap plastic microphones for Republican PR that you have always been. Steve Bannon rules your world now. Steve Bannon is now the new David Broder. And like aging hookers desperate to score one last trick, Brooks and Dowd and Will and Todd and Frum will desperately resort to nastier and more shameless acts of hackdom, only to discover that they've been replaced by some gay Neo-Nazi with a pompadour and a FAH-bulous singing voice.

dinthebeast said...

It also helps if you get some head trauma.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Confession of childish feel good) attacks from the Nebraska Cornfield resistance brigade.

I stand here today in front of the Cornfield Resistance Courts martial Panel and admit my guilt of Childish behavior in the line of duty as Corn pone NCo. I ask for forgiveness and leniency of the court.
I freely admit;
I called my two republican Senators (separately). Asking their office if they were aware that a story on the Breitbart website named them.
Reporting that they were financially involved with Comet Pizza's pedophile ring . That they found information that points to them investing with Hillary Clinton in Pedophile ring. And were they aware of the story? Was there any truth to it?
Why would a upstanding website like Breitbart that our President holds dearly, write this if there wasn't anything to it? And why was the lying mainstream media ignoring it?
So I stand here today and asked for the Judges of the Corn field Resistance Court to recognize my zeal overwhelmed me. That the Judges consider my honest admitting of this and look at my long distinguished Corn Field Resistance Militia record.

Note to judges of the Court;
I do not deny any and all small victory joy at the ire of the Senator's staffers hearing my inquiries of revised made up fake news that I aimed pointedly at them.
That if it caused their office to look into being lied about by Breitbart. I accept any decision of punishment from this Corn Field Courts Martial.

Odd how the Senators offices were so avid to immediately express it was not true on the spot. That denying it before seeing it. But taking down the information like Breitbart website. and their concern the senators good name was being Birtherized.
I am guilty of Offense while in the Resistance.

Martin Ravers said...

Holy crap Chuck Todd grew a pair and cornered Kelly Conway!It took a decade but he is FINALLY listening to Driftglass. There is hope after all!! Thank you for your persistence

Robt said...

may have to fire Chuck Todd. He told us it is not his job to do that.

Not to be too worried though,

Chuck will have on Newt the Gingrich who will tell Todd he never stole Christmas from whoville.
And Todd will Todd will make a deal out of the whos of whoville for giving him "Alternative facts".

Lit3Bolt said...

@ Robt

True, except by reading the tweets from conservative pundits and mainstream Villagers, they're scolding Conway and Trump and Spicer for going off-script rather than taking a bold stand for principled journalism.

They're desperately signalling, and reaching out to Trump, that they are on his side and like his policy goals, but he has to remember his lines and accept direction. However it won't work because Trump is Trump and will Trump things up and they'll retreat to giving on-air blowjobs to Paul Ryan and John McCain and Lindsey Grahm, which will enrage Trump and cause him to lash out. For the Village, Trump's biggest sin will be not treating them as the honored courtiers they are, not knowing the forms and protocols of Presidential Pomp, and they will eventually eviscerate him for making the con too obvious, the Lie too big to ignore.

Welcome to the Charlie Sheen Presidency.

trgahan said...

If only I get to meet a Trump voter one day. In my state that went 60%+ for him, I have only encountered people saying they hated both candidates and they don't like Trump but(insert Fox/Rush/Breitbart version of America since 2008 here) so they voted to (insert change/send a message/I'm-Still-Not-A-Republican voter excuse here).

Even met one who said he voted for Nixon over Kennedy not because he's a dyed in the wool Republican who drinks the lies he's fed like water, but because he sees himself as this anti-establishment, political contrarian intellectual in a world where no one else "thinks or uses common sense."

I think the mass pre-denial of their dream President should be noted.

Rusty White said...

Meeting Trump voters who are still proud of their vote and who continue to gloat about his supposed 'greatness' is quite a spectacle, but unfortunately one where you have to consider your personal safety. I'm not sure you can debate or speak rationally to anyone anymore who fully believes that 'alternate facts' and BS propaganda are the real nuggets of wisdom.

jim said...

No special glasses but how's this?

Milgram Experiment, TeeVee, Rupert Murdoch, decades of dumbing down schools.