Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Memory Hole Is Large. It Contains Legions.

From one million years before the dawn of recorded history apparently:
Republicans to skip Obama inaugural, head out of town

January 19, 2013 | by KEN THOMAS

For many Republicans, this is a good weekend to get away from it all.

With hundreds of thousands of Democrats traveling to nation’s capital for President Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremonies, Republicans and supporters of last fall’s GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, are leaving town for sunny vacation destinations and company conferences or staying indoors and avoiding the crowds.

After failing to recapture the White House for a second straight presidential election, many are not exactly in a partying mood.

“It’s a good time to lay low,” said John Feehery, the president of Quinn Gillespie Communications and a former top congressional aide.

As Democrats prepare to mark Obama’s second inauguration on Monday by bundling up along the parade route or donning party gowns or tuxedos, Republicans are spending the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend with quick vacation getaways, quiet time at home or trips to the movie theater.

“Invitations must have gotten lost in the mail!” former Romney adviser Ed Gillespie wrote in an email saying he had no major plans for the weekend...
To be fair, Ed "Wormtail" Gillespie has always been better known for his dramatic work than his comedy stylings:

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Robt said...

Look, Ed couldn't go to the Obama inauguration because he was still hold up in the closet. And a GOP opposite sex only/ significant others Law would be enforced with presence of malice.

I need tickets to the live broadcast of late Nite with Colbert who is going to verbally thrash the republicans. Hew Hewitt knows it and I am willing to trade der F├╝hrer coronation tickets for Colbert show.

If Hew was to trade tickets with me, he could get Gillespie out of the closet finally and more importantly for Gillespie, being seen in public together.

Cupid making love great again.