Saturday, January 14, 2017

As You Prepare To Storm Your Congressperson's Town Hall Meetings...

...and flood their switchboards, remember to print out this column by Paul Krugman and keep it in your pocket.
Donald Trump’s Medical Delusions

Thanks, Comey.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is now investigating the way the F.B.I. director conveyed the false impression of an emerging Clinton scandal just days before the election, even as he said nothing about ongoing investigations into Russian intervention and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. That action very probably installed Donald Trump in the White House. And it’s already obvious that the incoming commander in chief will be a walking, tweeting ethical disaster.

On the other hand, he’s also dangerously delusional about policy.

Some Republicans appear to be realizing that their long con on Obamacare has reached its limit. Chanting “repeal and replace” may have worked as a political strategy, but coming up with a conservative replacement for the Affordable Care Act — one that doesn’t take away coverage from tens of millions of Americans — isn’t easy. In fact, it’s impossible...
And here is the important part (emphasis added):
But it seems that nobody told Mr. Trump. In Wednesday’s news conference, he asserted that he would submit a replacement plan, “probably the same day” as Obamacare’s repeal — “could be the same hour” — that will be “far less expensive and far better”; also, with much lower deductibles.

This is crazy, on multiple levels...
Il Douche can afford to hide out in a gold-plated bunker surrounded by jars of his own urine, just as he can afford to pass his time watching reruns of his own rallies and Tweeting out his every vagrant lunatic thought.  He can afford to do this because his meathead legions do not care what damage he causes as long as it makes Libtards cry and as long as there is a clear path for them to skate on the bill and pin the wreckage on Democrats when a reckoning comes sue.  He can afford to do this because he can afford to surround himself three-deep in disposable, dead-eyed, lying zombies like Kellyanne Conway.

But there are nowhere near enough Kellyanne Conways to go around, and Republican congresspersons on whom will fall the burden of making good on Il Douche's insane promises cannot all hide under their desks and Tweet out "Freedumb!  MAGA!" nonsense without some blow-back.

Hell, this dizzy bitch parlayed her three minutes of carefully staged "I don't wan't the scary black man to turn my country into a dirty Commie Hellhole!" performance art at a town hall meeting -- 

-- into a series of paying gigs working for the Koch Brother Crime Syndicate.   

Goodbye unemployed claims adjuster for a third-tier car insurance company!  Hello Director of Policy/ Director of New Media/ Digital Marketing Coordinator/ Digital Marketing Manager for Murricans for Prosperity! 

So just imagine what you will be able to do when you start showing up at your congresscritter's events and offices with your kids...and a few dozen friends...and their kids...and a LOT of cameras demanding to know just exactly how they plan to deliver on Il Douche's promise of an Obamacare replacement made available  “probably the same day” as Obamacare’s repeal — “could be the same hour” — that will be “far less expensive and far better”; also, with much lower deductibles."

Just imagine what you will be able to do when you and your friends and families and cameras start showing up at their events over and over and over again to remind them that Il Douche is their president,  nominated and elected by their party, and that they are personally god damn well responsible for making good on their Dear Leader's promises. 

Practice in front of a mirror.  Practice with your friends.

And cameras, people.  Lots and lots of cameras.  


dinthebeast said...

"...disposable, dead-eyed, lying zombies like Kellyanne Conway."

Oh come on, there aren't any deader-eyed, lying zombies than Kellyanne... She THE mutha-fuggin dead-eyed, lying zombie to which the other dead-eyed, lying zombies (DELZ's) bow down.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

Somehow I don't see the media giving anti-Trump citizens the same cover they gave the Tea Party/Birthers/"States Rights!"/Second Amendment wingnuts.

The media dismissed anyone pointing out reality during the Bush administration (Why do liberals hate America?!?). They dismissed OWS as "entitled millennial who don't want to work and won't give us any demands." The media dismissed BLM as...well...same as they treated any minority group that gets "uppity" enough to stick up for its rights.

But knowing our President is such a thin skinned child that a nobody like me could troll him and he's lose his shit is actually perversely re-assuring that this "Republican majority" may swallow its own tongue before it does too much damage.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Kellyanne is Zombie Barbie.
Say it with me...Zombie Barbie.

Dave McCarthy said...

@Pablo- Zombarbie?

The Kraken said...

Is there any evidence that the authoritarian pigs will actually hold any town halls? It seems to me that doughface Donny has sealed the trap and none of these monsters will ever have to face the public again.

BTW you are really on to something with the "they just want to make liberals cry/they want to hurt us" angle.

bluicebank said...

I think I get your tactic. For those of us inclined to go said townhalls of Republican congresscritters, pretend it's Halloween and go as a Teahadist. Because if you go as a hairless ape with a degree, fuck you. But as a knuckle-dragger (there are YTube educational clips), you will be welcomed ... right up until the time you start asking about your free TrumpPhone, why coal hasn't made a comeback, where's my beautiful house and beautiful wife, and how did I get here. Don't worry, no one will get the Talking Heads reference.

Then go home and take a shower.

CM said...

Oped of NYT be some GOP hack blaming Obama for partisanship and breakdown of institutions. Arguing (if you can say that) that eight years of Obama lead to Trump.

Robt said...

It is just ashamed that Satan could not have his way with more true blooded Trump-servatives like the one a Paul Ryan's Frank Luntz produced Town Hall.
Town hall republican:
I was against the Kenyan Muslim president's Sharia Health care law. I would chant in church to "Let them die" Those lazy filthy liberal songges sucking of everyone else through Government. Them and their whining over bankruptcies from their stinkin medical bills. Get a job at a Trump Hotel dammit!

But then I needed it and it worked and I am alive today because of the ACA and its coverage.
So why would you repeal ACA without a replacement now that I learned a life savings lesson to realize it works and I am alive today because of it? But realize I am a republican and now I want the ACA so therefore listen.
I didn't want you to listen and represent those liberals then and you need not now. But I am republican and you should listen to me.

paul Ryan sesponds;
!st glad your not dead here in front of me. That would be bad optics. But the affordable care act is a total failure with death panels. It has failed in every way and it has to go. Even our 167 accepted proposals to the ACA (we would not admit or vote for). As republicans we want Gov't out of your lives. Well out of the part of health care where Gov't stops the healthcare industry from having their way with all of you. Look, my family has benefited from socialized Government benefits and programs. But as a repub. we believe this is not for you. I know what is best. We are not going to "ram down your throats" big Gov't health care. As Republicans we are going to ram it up your asses.
T---That is why us republicans have rolled up our sleeves and pant legs to get to work by repealing the Ethics committee , and defunding Planned Parenthood because of Abortions.
You know the Hyde Amendment prevents that right?

Yes, but money is fungible and we, the American people (I) want no controversy over this.

You know, Like the fungible $38 billion we just borrow to give to Israel for military aid. That they can use their own money to keep providing universal health care to all their people? Only funding to Planned Parenthood is fungible for abortions.
And you know, No one has ever been able to say NO to the offer of having an abortion.

Now remember how disrespectful and angry and hateful and untruthful repubs were when they went to their town halls to rant on the ACA and how we are all expected to be respectful little sheep when we address them.

They have a better plan but you do not get to know about it. It is top secret. You will need a clearance just to learn how to use it.
Like their Medicare part D revamp that banned Americans from the free consumer market. market . Where Americans could buy prescriptions from a pharmacy in Canada at a saving, drugs that were made in the USA and sold to Canada.

made us all captive consumers to American Pharma and whatever price they cared to demand of us. Where the V.A. could negotiate better prices but Medicare cannot.

You remember the republican reason for banning purchases from Canadian Pharmacies of drugs made here and sold to them?

"We cannot guarantee the quality of the drugs when you buy them from a Canadian Pharmacist"...!!!!

But they can ban any labeling of any foods grown or raised in any country of the world who wants to profit by importing their foods.
They are positive they are healthy for you".

See, they can use Gov't to ensure foreign imported foods but not American made exported pharma purchased by Canadian pharmacies. Purchased by Americans to use back at home in America.

Got that?

Robt said...

GOP motto -- We are all Neegan.

Most zombies move slow and have an infectious bite.

But as in World War Z, the Zombies also have infectious bite but move much faster.

As In WW-Z, “World war R” is about the same. Survive, overcome and progress is your only chance. Trying to hide or ride it out is futile. You won't survive alone.

You can try and rub their stink on you for camouflage. But telling them you're a moderate republican only draws more of the angry hungry zealot ones .

The Kraken said...

Revisionist history always starts with reversing the direction of causation. Then the strategic forgetting.

Potomacker said...

The original quote sounded better in Japanese:

jurassicpork said...

Damn John Fugelsang for coining the phrase, "gelatinous grift weasel" in describing Trump.

Dave McCarthy said...

Gonna try
with a little help
from my friends...

Charlesdillon said...

Monica Crowley. Plagerist Barbie.