Monday, November 14, 2016

Why So Serious?

Comcast employee, three-term Florida Republican congressman and failed human being, Joe Scarborough, is very concerned that appointing Pam Gellar's wingnut spirit animal to the position once held by Thomas Jefferson and George Marshall would be, y'know, a bad thing:

Golly, Joe, they're not "charges".   They're facts.

With a song in their hearts and their eyes wide open, your party finally got it's wish and elected their very own American Mussolini.  Your party did that.  And yet now, shockingly, many of your caste seem to be getting all nervous and sweaty and apprehensive about the decisions that your President-elect is making.

Of course, John Bolton is not my dream date, nor is a Neo-nazi like Steve Bannon, nor any of the other con men. jackbooted lunatics, perverts and freaks that Don the Con has lined up to run his government, but they sure as shit are a hit with your people, Joe, so why the long face?

It's fucking Conservative Christmas for you and your party, Joe --  this is every single thing your wingnut cronies have ever dreamed of, gift-wrapped, all at once and supersized.   I mean, when you and the rest of the leaders of the GOP decided to win elections, boost your ratings and fatten wallets by building monsters and conjuring demons, where did you think this was all going to end?

You won, Joe.  Day One of your 1000 Year Conservative Reich is finally at hand.

So why aren't you celebrating?

Why so serious?

And why all the angst from Lords and Ladies of Both Siderism?

This is also what you wanted, David Brooks, Matthew Dowd, Peggy Noonan, Maureen Dowd, Ron Fournier, Mark Halperin, etc an nauseum.  For years you've spent your precious time and talent whamming tirelessly away at the idea that there was no real difference between Left and Right, or between Democrats and Republicans, or Clinton and Trump.  And every time you opined thus, you were building the royal road to this very moment.

Because why not vote for a lying, fascist predator who is in the pocket of one of our strategic opponents when the only alternative the K'rupt Duopoly offers is just as bad or maybe even worse!

Why not turn over the most powerful government in the history of the world to the embodiment of the racism, paranoia, staggering ignorance and petty, whiny grievances of every meathead on the Right because emails!

Congratulations, Both Siderists: you got the horse race that you were begging for and you got to keep your phony-baloney jobs, so why are you crying into your beer?


Neo Tuxedo said...

Once again, it's time for an open letter to Squint and the rest of the Brain Caste, with lyrics by Paul Ryan's favorite author:

"You have destroyed all that you held to be evil and achieved all that you held to be good. Why, then, do you shrink in horror from the sight of the world around you? This world is not the product of your sins, it is the product and the image of your virtues. It is your moral ideal brought into reality in its full and final perfection."

Jimbo said...

I have worked my entire, long career in international development, mainly on environmental management and renewable energy and more recently also on climate change. In that capacity, I have worked a lot with State and USAID (and was a USAID employee for 6 years working in Eastern Europe and Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union). Suffice it to say, this gang is going to be a total, probably spectacular fail in foreign affairs. Bolton has the advantage of having actually worked at State and also been UN Ambassador. The international community generally and State itself despises him as an obnoxious neo-con. He' was the Mustache of Hatred. Giuliani (aka poor wannabee Mussolini) has no background in foreign affairs and is just an uninteresting egotistical poser (for anyone in the international community). So he will be just another national embarrassment in what will be a failed Administration right from the start despite the enthusiasm of Paul Ryan.

bowtiejack said...

OK, my recollection is that back in the 30's, as today, the Nazis didn't get a real majority, but they got control of the state.
How'd that work out? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Ava Middleton said...


Ava Middleton said...


Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Why are they so pissed? Every comment in every post about the newly elected savior-in-chief is riddled with hate. Don't they know they fucking won? News articles containing the terms race, bullying, and Trump (you know, the campaign slogans) has it's comments packed with angry denials. Whoever asks for the racism to stop is a racist. Don't they know they won? Why are they so angry? It gives new and insightful depth to the term fucked in the head.

Unknown said...

'Zactly. You morons have all the levers of power. Congrats. From now on, you guys are responsible for all of it. Enjoy!

dinthebeast said...

So apparently Trump and his "team" didn't realize they were responsible for staffing up the White House, and asked how many of the White House staff would be staying on in his administration.
State and the Pentagon have their transition staff all ready to start the process of handing over their operation to the new administration, but are having trouble getting their calls returned.
So if we're measuring Republican success by the level of gross incompetence displayed, it's a hit!

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

You know, lately the media faces seem so lah-lah about Trump and his comings.

Like the Bannon appointment. It is like they have enough money to insulate them from it all.
Like in that movie "3012". When the floods devastate the Earth and the highly wealthy around the world pay in to have modern day Arks built and they have reserved seats that the rest of humanity doesn't.

Just saying
It isn't as if Trump is bringing in Bannon to make the trains run on time. Is it?

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Yes, yes, the Legion of Doom is in the White House (Photoshopportunity?). Fascinating. But all I want to know is, is it #greatnewsforCBS (or in this case, MSNBC)...

Be seeing you.

John Hall said...

With that beer they're crying in we should serve Scarborough and the Both Siderist Armies a big, heaping portion of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

John Hall said...

Along with the beer they're crying in we should serve Joe and the Both Siderist Mafia a big, heaping portion of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

keith gargus said...

It just came out that Mike Rogers, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee has left the transition team. Seems Donny's family objected to his clearing HRC on the Benghazi charges. I'm not kidding. My imagining of how bad this is going to be was way too limited. Fuck you Joe. How many hours of face time did you give this monster? And fuck your defense of pushing back on occasion. Even an idiot knows all publicity is good. I hope you're happy, you worthless piece of shit.

Rusty White said...

Well said DG. The media owns this and we all should never let them forget it. I think there might be some buyer's remorse with their evil creation and his mislead minions, who currently are showing all that they cannot enjoy their hopefully short-lived success, and instead continue to rail and gloat angrily against a weary and somewhat divided opposition.

Just reported today, cheeto jesus continues to whine about not winning the popular vote.

trgahan said...

My guess is Joey Joe Joe et al. are hedging their bets in case the first Presidential Approval ratings in 2017 come back somewhere south of 40%.....and never ticks upwards over the rest of the year. It was Bush's 30% approval second term that led to everyone in the media to become "independents" and No Labels getting full funding.

There is a lot of time between now and inauguration for buyer remorse to take significant hold. It is wishful thinking on my part, but Trump could hit the White House DOA.

bluicebank said...


Not to be picky, but we of the loyal opposition did better than that. Pew Research had GW Bush's low at 22% approval, and Ipsos had it at 19% (lowest of any president polled).

Now if we do our jobs right, we can get Trump in the single digits.

stickler said...

I recall the newscasts on election day 1992 when Dave Barry was the first to declare "Failed Clinton Presidency."

At a National Press Club luncheon on 11 November 1992 he returned to this theme @ 15:29 in this video:

Where is the Dave Barry of 2016?